Starwave MiniGuider 60 Side-by-Side dovetail bar kit for refractor auto-guiding

Now you can mount your wide field refractor of up to 80mm next to your autoguider unit, whilst keeping the centre of gravity as close to your mount as possible.

This is the ideal kit for someone starting imaging with a refractor up to 80mm. The perfect companion for the Starwave 70ED refractor and the iOptron ZEQ25 mount!

Starwave MiniGuider 60 Side-by-Side dovetail bar kit consists of:

The renouned Altair Astro 60mm Miniguider OTA, with special super-rigid locking focuser for your autoguider.*
Starwave 1.75" (44.45mm) width dovetail clamp to mount your refractor on one side.
The Starwave 200mm 1.75" (44.45mm) width Vixen-format dovetail plate which fits most portable mounts on the market today.
A set of mini guide scope rings with nylon tipped screws to mount on the opposite side of the dovetail bar, with connecting bar, to mount your 60mm Miniguider.
A set of M5 screws and nuts to mount the Miniguider 60 rings, and a set of M6 screws and nuts to mount the Starwave1.75" format clamp.

Can easily support refractors up to 80mm and will accurately guide up to at least 1000mm focal length without differential flexure.
Keeps your telescopes low and spaced widely enough apart such that the cables and autoguider unit can be adjusted easily without interfering with the main camera, unlike "piggyback setups". This is desirable when imaging with a DSLR enabling it to be easily rotated it when framing the subject. without fouling the autoguider unit.
The centre dovetail bar can be slid from side to side for easy balancing.
The Starwave Vixen-format clamp is strong yet light, with 2x spring loaded 2x steel alignment pins. The CNC machined e-coated knobs feature Teflon washers to stop binding. It also has a 1/4" UNC camera tripod thread on the underside, so you use it to mount your telescope on a camera tripod for casual stargazing, or daytime observation.
The Altair 60mm Miniguider probably needs no introduction. It's widely acclaimed for it's simplicity and accuracy, and is far easier to use than an Off-Axis-Guider (OAG) unit. It doesn't take up space in the imaging train, and require more adapters and calculations, nor does it cause flexure problems, due to it's unique locking focuser, with 3x clamping screws and brass insert. Selecting from a huge field of stars is easy at a very fast F3.75 so you don't need such a sensitive autoguider camera - and what's more, and theres no pickoff prism to intrude into the light-path of your full frame DSLR. Nor does it add flexure to the imaging train, or need to be frequently focused, unlike some cheap OAG units. Simply add your guide camera, set focus, and tighten the locking ring, and that's it. The Miniguider doesn't even need to point in exact the same direction as the main telescope so you can move it around in the (extremely unlikely) event you can't find a bright star.
The Starwave 200mm dovetail bar is strong, solid and more rigid than the cheap extruded rails often offered with guide-scope kits, and will fit the majority of mounts on the market.
* Do not be tempted to buy a finder-scope with a helical focuser for autoguiding. They focuser loses it's focus easily, and they aren't rigid enough for autoguiding due to the play in the helical mechanism. They are OK for eyepieces but not for autoguiding. We researched this thoroughly, and it's why we developed the superb Altair 1.25" locking focuser.

**Price Includes Carriage**


Altair Starwave Vixen to Losmandy Adaptor

**Note Price Includes Shipping Cost**

Convert your Vixen-format mount to the wider 3" Losmandy-format dovetail with this conversion clamp. It fits the following mounts and more:

Skywatcher EQ5, EQ3-2
Vixen GP2, GPD2, SXW, SXD2
iOptron iEQ30
Meade & Celestron mounts with 1.75" dovetail bar
The Starwave Losmandy-format clamp is strong yet light, being spring loaded with 2x steel alignment pins. The 2x CNC machined e-coated knobs have teflon washers to stop binding.

Simply attach the Starwave Vixen to Losmandy Adapter to your Vixen-format mount using the 1.75" Vixen dovetail bar on the underside of the clamp.

The 3" Losmandy-format clamp can be separated from the Vixen-format 1.75" dovetail bar underneath by unfastening the hex bolts, and used separately.

**Note Price Includes Shipping Cost**


Rapid 4a 13.8v Mains to 13.8v regulated Supply

Regulated mains to 13.8v power supply with 1 x cigarette lighter socket and 2 x terminals


Skywatcher EQ5 and HEQ5 Mount Extension Tube

The EQ5/HEQ5 extension tube extends the height of the EQ5 and HEQ5 mount so it is easier for observer to look into a long refractor. Installed between the tripod and the mount head, this heavy-duty metal tube adds about 16" in height to the assembly while maintaining the stability of the mount.

**Note Price Includes Carriage**


IKI CNC Made Pier Top Adaptor for Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

Available week beginning October 14th is the new IKI CNC Aluminium Pier top adaptor for the EQ8 Mount.

CNC machined from a solid block of aluminium the pier top adaptor has been created specifically for the new EQ8 mount.

It includes a substantial teflon washer for ultra smooth azimuth polar adjustment and an azimuth locating pin.

Also included is a set of stainless steel pier top mounting bolts.


IKI Replacement EQ8 Altitude Adjustment Bolt

Introduced specifically for the new EQ8 mount this Aluminium CNC made altitude adjustment replacement bolt is a huge improvement on the standard SKywatcher altitude adjuster.

CNC made from aluminium it is a straight swop from the original altitude adjuster.


Starway Vixen/Synta Compatible Side by Side Plate

This is a Vixen/Synta compatible side by side plate for mounting two instruments onto any Vixen/Synta compatible mounting.

The plate is light and compact and features two Vixen/Synta compatible saddle plates with claoms.

Weight is 940 grams

Technical Specs:

Made ​​of high strength aluminum

Weight: 940 grams

Overall Width: 37.5 cm

Distance between the clamps (center-to-center clamping clamping): 23cm

X-Guider from Avalon Instruments

Avalon Instruments has designed and built this new useful accessory for long exposure guiding during deepsky imaging.

The Avalon X-Guider is a high precision and play-free guidescope aligning device. Unlike conventional guidescope rings, which
rely on pushing screws on to the body of the tube, the Avalon XGuider features a dovetail mounting system (GP 45mm size) for
a quick-release attachment/detachment of the guide scope on the main telescope.

The X-Guider features a very compact body,
an innovative design and a beautiful look. All metal aluminum parts are CNC machined. All screw knobs, designed by Avalon Instruments, have a special ergonomic design and are made with
a special polymer. It features also a very hard anti-scratch anodized surface finish with CNC engraved characters.

The Avalon X-Guider is used to easily locate guide stars during astroimaging sessions and it has been designed after much experience in deepsky astroimaging.

ONe of the most innovational aspects of the Avalon X-Guider: is the ratio between the high loading capacity up to 5 Kg (12 Lbs), and the device weight, of less than 500 g. This is a very useful
characteristic for portability as well as putting significantly less load on your mount.

The X-Guider mechanics are very simple, sturdy,
totally free from backlash in azimuth and free from
flexure in typical working situations.

Available Versions:

Standard Version (body only, without lower mounting plate)

Full Versions with lower mounting plate (male or female dovetail bar/plate)


IK-R100 Guidescope Support Rings

These attractive and well engineered rings accommodate telescopes ranging from 55 to 100 mm external diameter. The rings have a flat base and single fixing point making them easy to attach to a variety of standard plates and mounting platforms.

Main features of the IK-R100 rings include -

low flexure – the generous wall thickness of the ring together with careful material selection makes for a ring with exceptional rigidity. We are not aware of any stiffer ring in this size category.

Soft scope pads – astro.phad’s in-house formulation polymer pads are kind to your scope’s surface finish. Their high coefficient of friction means that less clamping force is required and thus scope tube deflection is also reduced. Replacement soft pads are inexpensive and readily available from Ian King Imaging. Hard delrin pads for heavier duty use are also available.

Ergonomic chunky knobs – generously proportioned acetal thumb wheels that accommodate fingers and don’t cut into you. The scalloped design means that they are easy to use with gloves and cold fingers. These are specifically made for the job, not just the cheap, mass produced injection moulded knobs found on some models.

Simple, clean design and well crafted – individually hand finished and black anodised in-house to over 25 microns by astro.phad.. We think they look great!

The set includes a complementary spare set of soft pads and two M6x25 caphead screws, nuts and washers suitable for fixing the rings to an appropriately prepared plate up to 14mm thick. Note that if holes are to be prepared to suit these fixings use either a 6.4mm or ¼” drill.

Astro.phad are extremely proud to be able to declare that these rings are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the UK.


Skywatcher Guidescope Mount

Features full alt-azimuth control for quick and precise alignment of guidescope with main telescope. Standard Sky-Watcher/Vixen dovetail saddle plate. Fits onto Sky-Watcher tube ring via camera mounting bracket.

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