Takahashi 1.25" Prism Diagonal

Takahashi TKA00547 - Multi Coated High Quality 1.25" Prism Diagonal


Takahashi - An Introduction

IanKingImaging are now authorised Takahahsi re-sellers and all Takahashi products sold by us come complete with a full UK/European Warranty.

Takahashi telescopes,mounts and accessories are highly acclaimed and recognised the world over as being amongst the very best of their kind.

We are pleased to offer a range of Takahashi Apochromatic Refractors and Astrographs as detailed within these web pages.

We aim to maintain scopes like the
TSA 102/FSQ85/106 in stock for immediate delivery where possible.

Although our web presentation does not yet include the full range of Takahashi products, please contact us for a quotation on any product not featured here.

Takahashi FC-100D and DF Fluorite Doublet APO Refractor

The latest telescope from Takahashi is the FC-100D.

Comprising a top quality F7.4 Fluorite doublet optic that provides superb contrast, sharpness and colour correction.

Utilizing the Steinheil design with the fluorite element at the rear and an eco-glass front element, the Takahashi FC-100DF delivers superb color and contrast.

This is a general purpose scope - providing wonderful visual views at low and high power but also being a worthy astrograph and when combined with the FC-76 Reducer the FC-100D operates at F5.4 and with a fully corrected 35mm circle - perfect for APS Sized DSLR's.

The FC-100D is incredibly light but also like all Takahashi scopes very well engineered.

Uses the standard Takahashi Rack and Pinnion Focuser with 1.25" Visual adaptor. A 2" Visual Adaptor is optional.

Available as bare OTA or with Takahashi Finder Scope and Clamshell or Parallax 95mm Tube Rings

The FC100DF features the same optics and tube but comes with the bigger and stronger Sky 90 2.7" focuser and is more suitable for deep sky imaging with the FC35 Focal Reducer which provides a 44mm circle and an F4.9 focal ratio.

Technical Specs:

FC-100DC Type Fluorite Apochromat
Aperture 100mm
Focal length 740mm
Focal ratio F/7.4
Diameter of main tube 95mm
Length of main tube 815mm (with fixed dew shield)
Weight of OTA 2.8 kgs 3.5kgs for 100DF
Back focus 161mm
With 76D Reducer (TKA18580) Focal length
Focal ratio F/5.4
Image circle φ30mm
With 76D Flattener (TKA18582)
Focal length 770mm
Focal ratio F/7.7
Image circle φ35mm
With Extender-Q 1.6X (TKA00595)
Focal length 1,185mm
Focal ratio F/11.9
With Extender C2X (TKA00594)
Focal length 1,480mm
Focal ratio F/14.8
With FC35 Reducer (100DF)
Focal Length 488mm
Focal Ratio F4.9
Image Circle 44mm

Takahashi Epsilon E130 Ultra Fast Astrograph

Takahashi introduced their Epsilon Series flat-field hyperbolic astrographs in the middle 1980s.

The Epsilon-130 was the smallest aperture and most portable of the series. Now Takahashi is re-introducing the new ε-130D digital version of this astrograph.

The Epsilon optical system features a hyperbolic primary and a digital corrector to produce a flat field image. Takahashi has been producing hyperbolic mirrors since 1985 and has a reputation for producing high quality hyperbolic astrographs like the current ε-180ED.

The new ε-130D is the same size as the original ε-130 and was designed with an improvement in
optical performance with a newly designed digital corrector. This produces an improvement in
sharpness and a 1/3rd improvement in the size of the spot equaling the ε-180 with <10μm spots at the
edge of the 44mm circle.

The improvement in the design of the digital corrector produces a 1/3rd reduction in the size of the smallest stellar image. Distortion has also been reduced by with the new design of the digital corrector used on the ε-130D.

The ε-130D has a 5.9 field of view that is perfect for imaging comets like the new comet ISON. With a
speed of f/3.3 and a 430mm focal length images will be high contrast the ε-130D will shorten exposures,
increase color saturation and produce a wide field high performance images.

With an f/3.3 system the speed necessitates a large secondary that will illuminate the image properly.
Placing the diagonal mirror in the center of the tube will produce uneven illumination across the field imaged. In order to fully illuminate the image circle the secondary must be offset to accept the full light cone produced by the primary mirror. The spider was specially strengthened to hold the mirror offset securely without any flexure.

The focuser has been improved to allow or more precise focusing. Each has a metal insert with a special non-cold flow material to allow for the precise focus.

The ε-130D features a new collimation system for the primary mirror, which is similar to the one used on the TOA. The previous design used push and pull screws set inside of each other. This modified
system used separate push and pull adjusting screws. This flush design prevents the tube from being bumped because the protruding alignment bolts of the old design protruded past the end of the tube.
The ε-130D is a highly portable, airline transportable, compact hyperbolic flat field astrograph that weighs only 10.8lbs that can be taken easily to remote sites or around the world.

Its light weight and 5.9 apparent field of view make it perfect for comets and wide field imaging. Its light weight allows it to be carried by smaller and lighter high quality mounts.

Technical Specs:

Optical configuration Hyperbolic - flat field astrograph
Effective aperture 130mm
Focal length 430mm [16.9]
Focal ratio f/3.3
Image circle 44mm [5.9 field of view]
Minor axis of diagonal 63mm
Tube length 460mm [18.1]
Weight 4.9kg [10.8lbs]
Tube diameter 166mm

Takahashi TSA 102 and 120 with 3" Feathertouch Focuser - Special Limited Run Only

As of July 3 2013 we have a very limited stock of Takahashi TSA 120 and TSA 102S telescopes with 3" Feathertouch Rack and Pinnion Focusers pre=fitted by Takahashi and compatible with Takahashi adaptors and accessories.

Takahashi FS60 CB

The Takahashi FS-60CB apochromatic refractor is the itinerant telescope par excellence. It features exceptional optical and mechanichal qualities (objective with Fluorite doublet) and an incredible compact design. All Takahashi is in it.

Its great versatility will charm all the observers. It can easily be used for the visual observation, as well as astronomical or terrestrial. For the photographers, it is transformed into wide field astrograph or guiding scope. For this last function, Takahashi proposes even an optional specific parallel support, the TGM.

Apochromatic objective with Fluorite doublet
Its first quality comes from its apochromatic objective with Fluorite doublet of 60mm of aperture, as good as refractors with higher diameter. The FS-60 will astonish more than one purist. When one knows what one can obtain from an excellent short focal length optic (F=355mm, F/D 5,9) in imaging, we immediately understand all the advantage of this small compact and transportable telescope.

Exceptional mechanics
Excellent Takahashi mechanics propels the FS-60CB at the top of the refractors of this category. Its tighted rack-and-pinion focuser is designed for astrophotography and CCD imaging. A thumb screw maintains the focuser in position whatever the direction of pointing is.

Versatility and performances
Light and compact, the FS-60CB can be easily change into planetary telescope or wide field CCD imager or auxiliary instrument for guiding, and this, thanks to a vast range of accessories.

Takahashi FC-76

The Takahashi FC-76DS is a doublet flourite apochromat refractor telescope design with a 76mm aperture operating at a f/7.5 focal ratio.

Features a the Sky-90 2.6 focuser to better hold imaging packages which include DSLRs and CCD cameras with filter wheels.

The design of the Takahashi FC-76DS takes advantage of the advances in high resolution digital imaging.

A sliding dew shield is also included and a larger OD 95mm tube.

The Takahashi FC-76 Series is an updated version of the original from 1980. The multi-coated fluorite rear lens and eco-glass front element provides maximum light transmission. The design takes advantage of the advances in high resolution digital imaging. The advanced design allows the focal length to be reduced by 30mm 594mm at f/7.8.

The FC-76DS model features a the Sky-90 2.6 focuser to better hold imaging packages which include DSLRs and CCD cameras with filter wheels. An optional dedicated flattener as well as extender are available to further enhance the capabilities of the FC-76DS. A sliding dew shield is also included and a larger OD 95mm tube is standard.

The FC-76DC is also available which features a smaller diameter 80mm tube instead of the 95mm diameter tube found on the FC-76DS

The optional dedicated reducer changes the focal length to 417mm with a focal ratio of f/5.5 and an image circle of 36mm. The dedicated flattener operates at f/7.8 and 594mm produces a 40mm flat circle.

Technical Specs:

Design: Doublet fluorite apochromat
Diameter: 76mm
Focal ratio: f/7.5
Tube diameter: 95mm
Tube length: 550mm
Weight: 6.6lbs
With Dedicated reducer:
Focal ratio: f/5.5
Focal length: 417mm
Image circle: 36mm
With Dedicated Flattener:
Focal ratio: f/7.8
Focal length: 594mm
Image circle: 40mm


Takahashi Collimating Telescope

The Takahashi Collimating Telescope is an invaluable aid to collimating a Ritchey Chretien Cassegrain in the daytime with a great deal of accuracy.

The focusing eyepiece at the top of the scope is pulled in and out to focus on components within the telescope being collimated. A highly polished mirror is threaded into the front of the objective lens of the collimating scope. The mirror has a sighting hole in its center that the collimating scope looks through. The reflecting surface of the mirror faces the telescope being collimated, and is set at a 45 angle to the scope?s light path, similar to the polished surface in a Cheshire collimating tool. Its face is illuminated by shining a light through an opaque white window in the side of the scope.

We supply the Takahashi Collimating Scope with the Takahahsi TATKP00103 and TATKP00113 adaptors that convert it for use with a standard 2" pushfit focuser.

Takahashi FSQ 106 ED

For astrophotographers the FSQ-106ED is one of the best astrographs available.

With its focal length of 530mm, an image circle of 88mm and a photographic field of 9,5, it acts as a teleobjective for the most powerful CCD and DSR/DSLR cameras on the market.

Based on a Petzval quadruplet optical design with apochromatic ED glasses, the FSQ-106ED is optimized for wide-field imaging of deep sky targets. It offers a flat field, and comes equiped with a built-in camera angle adjuster and an oversized rack-and-pinion focuser. To minimize the size of the optical tube, it includes a retractable dewshield and generous backfocus.

The modified Petzval design of the FSQ-106ED, with the field flattener integrated inside the tube, makes it possible to cover all the photographic formats, from smaller sensor cameras to 35mm SLR/DSLR to 6x7 cameras. Its photographic image circle of 88mm diameter stands out amongst competing refractor designs in this aperture bracket.

Even users of the massive 36x36mm 16803 CCD sensors will find the FSQ106 ED provides pinppoint stars from corner to corner

As is the tradition inside the Takahashi company, the objective is entirely collimatable in order to compensate for the possible mechanical and thermal stresses.

Takahashi chose a modified Petzval quadruplet apochromat, with integrated flattener, in order to cover the largest possible field, while minimizing the geometric aberrations.

The optional F3.6 focal reducer allows users to fine tune the optical system further and gives even greater versatility.

The optical and mechanical quality of the FSQ 106ED is outstanding and this telescope is the perfect tool for outstanding high resolution wide field imaging.

Technical Specs:

Optical design Modified Petzval quadruplet apochromat
Aperture 106 mm
Focal length 530 mm
Focal ratio F/5.0
Resolution 1.09"
Limiting magnitude 11.8
Light grasp 220x
Image circle 88 mm
Photo field 9.5
Back focus 186.38 mm
Metal back 178 mm
With Extender-Q 1.6x
Focal length 850mm
Focal ratio F/8
Image circle 44 mm
Photo field 3
Metal back 117.5 mm
With QE-Reducer
Focal length 385mm
Focal ratio F/3.6
Image circle 44mm
Photo field 6.5
Metal back 72.2 mm

Takahashi FQS 85 EDX TQE8500

The FSQ-85ED is based on the same ED glass Petzval quadruplet design as the FSQ-106ED model, but offers a focal length of 450mm and a photo field of 5.6, which is ideal for Widefield photography.

It is equipped with an oversized rack-and-pinion focuser

An optional focal reducer is also available which transforms the FSQ 85 into a true astronomicalwidefield teleobjective with a focal length of 328mm and with a focal ratio of 3.9, providing a field of view of 7 and a 40mm image circle.

Weighting only 4kg without accessories, the FSQ 85 is ideal as an ultra portable high quality astrograph and can be used on smaller lighter weight mountings.

The FSQ-85ED modified Petzval quadruplet design is the same as the FSQ-106ED one. It has a built-in flattener inside the optical tube, offering a field of 5.6. With a focal length of 450mm, the image circle is 44mm width.

The FSQ-85ED is equipped with an oversized rack-and-pinion focuser, just like the 106ED. The camera angle adjuster is standard equipment with the FSQ 85

The rack-and-pinion has been oversized on purpose to provide strength and precision.

It is driven by two focus wheels with a 1/7 microfocuser.

The FSQ 85 is the ultimate in highly portable refractor astrographs. It offers fantastic flat widefield images suitable for 35mm sensors with no external flattener requirements.

Technical Specs:

Optical design Modified Petzval quadruplet apochromat
Aperture 85mm
Focal length 450mm
Focal ratio F/D 5,3
Resolution 1,5"
Limiting magnitude 11,6
Light grasp 178x
Image circle 44mm
Photo field 5,6
Back focus 197,5mm
With Reducer-QE 0.73x
Focal length 328mm
Focal ratio F/D 3,86
Image circle 40mm
Photo field 7
Metal back 72,2mm

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