ATIK Filter Offer - When Purchased with an ATIK CCD Camera

it has become clear that many face a significant problem with ensuring that all the products they purchase work together. We are constantly trying to develop and refine our products so that we provide reliable products with superior performance that is accessible to stargazers and astrophotgraphers. We have always sold cameras and filter wheels but up till now have not supplied filters, the good news is that Atik filters are now available, designed to be used with our hardware for your customers ease of use.

Two sets are available.
For the traditional Red Green Blue imaging with a mono camera. The luminance filter allows a luminance image to be taken without refocusing and also blocks the NIR region which can cause problems with refractors.

Narrow Band
This set comprises of the filters for the Hubble Palette, Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen III and Sulphur II. All at just 7nm band pass with 80% peak transmission and just 0.1% out of band.

Both sets are available in 2 mounted, 36mm unmounted and 1.25 mounted sizes

To launch the new Atik filter sets we are offering a special of 50% off either or both sets when purchased with an Atik camera and an Atik filter wheel.

ATIk Horizon USB 3 CMOS Imaging Camera

The Atik Horizon is the first Atik CMOS Camera. It houses a 16MP sensor with exceptionally low read noise and incredibly fast read speeds. With our signature Atik blend of form and function, the Atik Horizon provides a sensitive, high megapixel sensor at a competitive price point. This makes it a great option if youre looking to upgrade from DSLR, or have system that would benefit from shorter exposure times.

With extensive experience in both hardware and software design, the Atik Horizon turns ATIK's expertise to the world of deep-sky optimised CMOS cameras. Already known for our low-noise electronics, the Horizon has our lowest read noise yet just ~1e- at high gain settings. The 3.8m pixel size is an excellent match for shorter focal lengths and camera lenses; great news if youre looking for a wide field of view.

Mechanically, the Horizon is based on ATIK's estblished 4-Series cameras, known for their power and adaptability. With a cyclindrical case measuring 74mm in diameter and 130mm in length, its compatible with HyperStar systems from 8″. The slight size increase on the 4-Series is to house a huge cooling delta of -40C below ambient. This keeps thermal noise under control, wherever in the world you image from.

Advanced Hardware Deserves Advanced Software

The Atik Horizon is natively compatible with our Infinity live stacking software to give you incredible views of the night sky in a near
real-time environment. Not only is this great for video astronomers and public outreach, it also makes getting into astrophotography a breeze. Our on-the-fly image processing gets you up and running quickly, minimising the learning curve many people experience. However, our advanced functions ensure you are always in control as you steer your way through the night sky.

Live continuous stacking
Flexible histogram control, including auto-stretch functions
Live YouTube broadcast integration
Interactive session replay
Focus assist and monitoring tools
Save to FITs, PNG, JPG and TIFF formats
The Horizon is also fully compatible with our renowned Artemis Capture imaging software that gives you full control over your imaging. We also supply a full ASCOM driver so youre free to use it with your preferred astroimaging software.

Amp Glow Control

From the outset, the Horizon has benefited from a built-in 256mb DDR3 image buffer to remove amp glow and other artifacts caused by data transfer over USB2, all while preventing issues with dropped frames. This makes for a seamless and fast imaging experience, whether youre taking advantage of the flexibility and low cable weight of USB2, or the fast speeds of USB3.

ATIK's experience of working with demanding scientific applications has given then an advanced understanding of sealing techniques. This understanding allows ATIK to create a condensation free environment, and means your desiccant lasts much longer between recharges. The Horizon uses the same quartz fused cover glass as the Atik 383L+ camera to prevent condensation forming on the outside of the glass when the cameras cooled. This added level of performance and reliability means you can spend less time maintaining your equipment, and more time imaging with it.

What's in the box?

Camera body with 2" adaptor
USB 3.0 cable
USB 2.0 cable
1.8 metre battery power connector
CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual (PDF)
Quickstart Guide (paper)
Cable post
Spare desiccant and desiccant port tool

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type: Panasonic MN34230 4/3" CMOS
Horizontal Resolution: 4644 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 3506 pixels
Pixel Size: 3.8 m x 3.8 m
ADC: 12 bit
Readout Noise: ~1e- at x30 gain
Gain Factor: Variable 1 - x60
Full Well: ~20,000e-
Dark Current: 0.016 e-/pix/s at -10C
Interface: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
Power: 12v DC 2A
Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length: 18s
Cooling: Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-40C
Weight: approx. 525g
Backfocus: 13mm 0.5
Thread on front: M42x0,75
Available as mono or colour


ATIK Mains Power Supply

tik Switch Mode Power Supply Unit provides a reliable and clean power source that is ideal for use with Atik cameras.

Delivers a clean DC signal without the spikes and noise associated with budget power supplies.


Input : 100-240V, 0.8A, 50-60Hz

Output : DC 12V 2.5A

2.1mm centre-tipped 5.5mm outer plug

Includes fitted UK 3-pin plug

Note this power supply is designed for use in dry well ventilated areas.

ATIK 16200 Large Format CCD Camera

New Atik 16200 Camera with large KAF-16200 sensor. Mono cameras available for shipping in December, colour cameras early 2017.
It is easy to think of the 16200 as a supercharged 8300, but its much, much more.

The huge APS-H size sensor (35mm diagonal) provides an incredible mix of high resolution and sensor real estate, and it's 6 μm pixels make it suitable for use with a range of telescopes. All at a price much more accessible than KAF-11002 and KAF-16803 based cameras.

Features include a sealed, argon-purged, CCD chamber, dual-stage Peltier cooler and powerful heatsink for optimum cooling. With this new camera Atik have achieved their lowest delta, at -45C typical, and a whopping -50C max!

The camera also features new bespoke, high quality electronics that deliver a read noise of just 9e- typical and a high end blade shutter for consistent, reliable, performance over the cameras life span.

Weight is only 1.3 kg, much lower than other cameras currently available in this class.

Technical Specs:

Technical Specification

Sensor Type: CCD - KAF-16200
Horizontal Resolution: 4499 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 3599 pixels
Pixel Size: 6 m x 6 m
ADC: 16 bit
Readout Noise: 9e- typical value
Gain Factor: 0.6e-/ ADU
Full Well: ~40,000e-
Dark Current: >0.25 electrons/second at 0C
Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
Power: 12v DC 2.5A
Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length: 200 ms
Cooling: Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-50C
Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
Backfocus: 19.5mm 0.5
Available as mono or colour

System Requirements

Pentium III PC with 128MB RAM
Windows 10/Vista/Win7/Win8 (not RT)
CD-ROM drive
USB 2.0 port

ATIK 414EX Monochrome or Colour CCD Camera

The ATIK 414EX builds on the success of the ATIK 314L and ATIK 460 and 490 camera's by using a highly sensitive Sony Exview sensor.

A combination of very high QE and 6.45 micron pixels gives great sensitivity and excellent Ha response.

In many ways this is the ideal entry level camera.

With a 9mm sensor most scopes will not require a field flattener. Combined with superb sensitivity and very low noise imagers will be able to take very high quality data faster than before with no need for dark frames.

The Atik 414EX narrow footprint means that is can be used on Fastar/Hyperstar configurations, with zero obstruction even on the 6" version. Low weight also keeps the stress on the corrector plate to a bare minimum

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX825
Horizontal Resolution 1392 pixels
Vertical Resolution 1040 pixels
Pixel Size 6.45 M x 6.45 M
ADC 16 bit
Readout Noise 5e- typical value
Interface Mini-USB 2.0 High Speed
Power 12v DC 1A
Maximum Exposure Length Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length 1/1000 s
Cooling Termoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-30C
Weight approx. 400 gr
Backfocus 13mm


ATIK 4120 12MP Colour CCD Camera

The Atik 4120EX is the highest resolution camera from the four series, and the highest resolution Atik Camera to date. Featuring the latest generation Sony EXview HAD CCD II technology, this camera has an outstanding Quantum Efficiency, very low noise and excellent thermal management. This model is an ideal match for Hyperstar systems, where fast f/2 imaging makes it easier than never to get good results, but can also be used with short focal length refractors and astrographs, for beautiful, wide field views of the night sky.
The high resolution is very apparent when printing images out to A3 poster size and beyond and really makes a striking visual impact. This also provides the option of zooming into different parts of an image on a computer screen to see the extra detail pop out. The Atik 4120EX is only available as a one shot color camera (OSC) as this is the format in which the small pixel size really has an advantage in faithfully recording the color of the stars and nebulae in the image.
OSC cameras allow taking a single image and seeing the color, something that would require filters and a filter wheel to accomplish with a monochrome camera. Adding a simple Infrared block filter or a light pollution filter is all you need to explore the wonders of the universe with the Atik 4120EX. The Atik 4120EX fully supports 1.25" filters down to f/2, so helping to keep costs down compared to the larger filter types. The other advantage of a OSC camera is the simplicity of processing its images. By recording color in one image you do not need to align the 3 or 4 separate images types required for LRGB or RGB imaging.

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX834AQG
Horizontal Resolution 4242 pixels
Vertical Resolution 2830 pixels
Pixel Size 3.1 M x 3.1 M
ADC 16 bit
Readout Noise 5e- typical value
Interface Mini-USB 2.0 High Speed
Power 12v DC 1A
Maximum Exposure Length Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length 1/1000 s
Cooling Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT=-25C
Weight approx. 400 gr
Back focus 13mm

ATIK Infinity Astronomy Video Camera

The Atik Infinity is the first Atik Camera dedicated to video astronomy, boasting both the speed and sensitivity required for this rewarding technique. Through new, intuitive, in-house software, the Infinity brings the wonders of the deep sky to a screen in just seconds.

The Infinity features a Sony ICX825 sensor embedded with EXview HAD CCD II technology for outstanding sensitivity and Quantum Efficiency at a resolution suited to near real time viewing. The generous 6,45 m pixel size is well-suited to a broad range of telescopes while the slim, rectangular design ensures the camera can clear the base on fork-mounted scopes. This makes the Infinity well-suited to a huge variety of setups, from those just starting out right through to the professional observatory.

New Software

Alongside the Infinity is a custom software application dedicated to video astronomy. It features a simple, intuitive user interface for optimum usability without compromising on camera control or performance. Live continuous stacking removes background noise so you see more of what matters, and flexible histogram adjustments make sure you never miss a detail.

Integrated broadcasting features take the hassle out of sharing your sky, and voiceover and live web chat create a truly interactive experience, straight out the box. The software also features session record and interactive replay so you remain in full control of the display when sharing your sessions with family and friends.
Live continuous stacking
Flexible histogram control, including auto-stretch functions
Live YouTube broadcast integration
Interactive session replay
Focus assist and monitoring tools
Save to FITs, PNG and JPG formats

The Perfect Outreach Tool

Video astronomy is ideally suited for use in public outreach programs and educational settings. It allows faint objects to be seen in incredible detail by all involved, and maintains that at the telescope feeling without the need to queue up and crowd round an eyepiece.
With a choice of either a mono or a colour sensor, the Infinity caters for those who prioritise absolute detail, as well as those who want to explore the universe in colour beyond the sensitivity of the unaided human eye.

While other video astronomy cameras are often scaled up versions of guide cameras or cameras used in security applications, the Infinity is based on a high-end, fully-fledged 16bit camera originally developed for OEM use in microscopy and inspection applications. This makes it a no compromise solution for capturing high quality images at live view frame rates, designed with even the most demanding user in mind.
This said, the Infinity can still then be used as an exceptional guide camera, featuring a standard ST4 guide port for direct connection to your mount. And if video astronomy and high-end guiding arent enough, the Infinity is also fully compatible with all of our existing software packages, making it suitable for use as an entry-level imaging camera.

Atik One 9.0 Mono camera with integrated filter wheel

The new Atik One 9.0 with its integrated 5-position filter wheel, USB hub and power socket is essentially an Atik One 6.0 with a higher resolution 9MP ICX814ALG Sony EXview II CCD. This means it has the same remarkable QE as the Atik One 6.0, but smaller pixels.

In this instance smaller pixels can be a bonus because it makes the Atik One 9.0 a very flexible camera.

For example, when using a 4 f/6 refractor with 620mm focal length, sampling will be at 1.2 arc-sec/pixel. Which is good! And using a 10 SCT at f/6.3, binned 2x2, you get 0.97 arcsec/pixel! M106 will fit nicely in the FOV and M82 wont be a little blob on the middle of the frame, and you will still achieve over 2MP image size.

This makes the Atik One 9.0 is an excellent choice for someone imaging with multiple telescopes and focal lengths.

New CCD chamber design, purged with high purity Argon gas - so no condensation and optimum thermal insulation.
Integral 5-position integrated filter wheel with mechanical roller for precise filter placement - ensures the highest levels of reproducibility.
Filter wheel is natively controlled from Atiks own software or via 3rd party programs using the Ascom driver.
Includes a tool for easy filter loading without opening the camera.
Integral USB 2.0 hub and power port for accessories - reduces cable clutter.
Enhanced cooler, capable of reaching a stable -38C below ambient.
Two 1/4 tripod mounting holes provide more options for mounting the camera and accessories.
Includes the acclaimed Artemis Capture software for camera control, autoguiding and sequencing. And as an Atik camera owner, all future upgrades to the software will be totally free!

The Atik One series are some of the finest scientific grade CCD cameras available in their class.

It is also available as a kit, with the OAG and Atik GP guider.

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX814
Horizontal Resolution 3380 pixels
Vertical Resolution 2704 pixels
Pixel Size 3.69 M x 3.69 M
ADC 16 bit
Readout Noise 5e- typical value
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed, with embedded hub
Power 12v DC 2A
Maximum Exposure Length Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length 1/1000 s
Cooling Termoelectric set point with max ΔT=-38C
Weight approx. 900 gr
Backfocus ~27mm

ATIK One 6.0 Mono CCD Camera

Coming Soon

The new ATIK One 6.0 Mono CCD Camera.

Full product information will be forthcoming in the near future.

This camera features an internal 5 position 1.25" filter wheel and can be used with the ATIK Off Axis Guider. It features the Sony 694 6MP Exview sensor.

Additional improvements include a built in USB hub and an Argon filled CCD chamber.


ATIK GP Guider/Planetary Imager

The GP is the smallest camera Atik have ever made - measuring approximately 57x28mm.

It features a Sony 1.3MP ICX445 EXview HAD II CCD making it ideal for use as a guide camera. It also features up to 30fps which makes it excellent for planetary work.

Full guider support is provided in the Artemis Capture software as well as its own high speed acquisition application, which supports a save to memory function.

Full specification and details to follow.

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