Hutech Solar Guider

The Astro Hutech Solar Tracker, Hinode (”sunrize” in Japanese) SG, is the first autoguider
designed for casual solar viewing as well as photography.

It does not require precise polar alignment, allowing for quick, convenient setup-and-go for public outreach or quick viewingwith a grab-n-go solarscope. For imaging, long-term autoguiding on the sun simplifies post-processing for projects such as time-lapse movies.

Features :
• Precise polar alignment not required. Great for quick setup.
• Guides on the sun disk. No requirements for sunspots to be used for tracking.
• Optics, filter, and sensor integrated in one package with guide electronics. No additional guide scope, filter, or computer
• One-time easy calibration. No addtional calibration required with the same mount. Just select AM or PM tracking.
• No PC required when used with a hand controller.
• Universal mounting block allows attachment to virtually any telescope. Compatible with
conventional finder dovetail bases available in the market.
• Audible cues and hand controller LEDs eliminate the need to exactly center the sun with
an eyepiece or a PC monitor.
• 5V DC operation. When used with a PC, no power supply is needed.
• Compact and lightweight (106 mm x 67 mm x 28 mm & 290 g). Compatible with
a grab-n-go solar viewing setup.
• User-friendly PC interface, including firmware updates.
• Compatible with any mount with ST-4 / Losmandy type autoguider input port.
• Made in USA / RoHS compliant