Altair Lightwave 80mm ED Doublet

The Altair Lightwave 80mm F6.25 is a portable ED refractor for imaging and visual use. The doublet F6.25 ED optics feature a Synthetic Fluorite Ohara FPL53 ED element for very good colour correction and high contrast images. Colour aberrations are almost invisible with well corrected eyepieces even on bright objects at high power. For terrestrial spotting use, this multi-purpose instrument outperforms spotting scopes costing up to 4x the price with ease when an astro eyepiece is used. The design objective was to keep weight low for portability, while adding a rack and pinion focuser, tube rings, and a proper, rigid, imaging compatible interface for CCD and DSLR camera users. This product combines all the features our customers have been asking for, and then some.

Several features make the Altair Lightwave 80mm F6.25 solid choice for imaging or visual use. The dual speed rack and pinion focuser with a 1:10 ratio fine adjustment knob makes accurate focusing easy. That means sharp images at the eyepiece, or on your camera CCD chip (focusing is especially easy in "live view mode" on a DSLR). 8x steel roller bearings support the focuser tube along it's length, making the focuser more rigid than focusers of comparable size, while keeping the overall optical tube as light as possible. A rack 'n pinion gear improves the "lifting power" of the focuser, making it similar to a large Crayford, but keeping weight and size down to fulfill the portability requirement. Proper tube rings grip the optical tube, with a standard M6 hole spacing. This enables use of the Altair TMS 180 Vixen-format dovetail bar so you can mount this telescope side-by-side, or "piggyback" it on another telescope with a solid connection. By allowing the use of a proper tube ring / dovetail bar system, the whole system is more rigid compared to designs using an L-Shaped foot attached to the focuser by one bolt. With dual tube rings, the telescope is supported along it's length, allowing easier balancing. The included aluminium-finish carry case is padded with protective foam, and protects the scope for travel.

Adapters: The rear of the focuser sports a M54x0.75mm thread, enabling direct connection of several cameras and filter wheels and keeping the aperture as clear as possible. The telescope includes an M54x0.75mm to standard 2" push-fit adapter enabling the use of standard astro 2" eyepieces and diagonals. What's more, the adapter has 3x clamping screws (one thumbscrew and two slotted) with 120 degree separation, to ensure a rigid connection and a tight grip on your visual or imaging accessories. To make the system even more compatible with modern imaging equipment, an optional M54x0.75mm to M48x0.75mm (e.g. Standard filter thread) adapter is also available. This lets you screw the Altair M48 variable spacer system directly to the focuser, to connect M48 CCD cameras, filter wheels and field flatteners, or your digital SLR via any standard M48 DSLR camera adapter.

Mounts: For imaging, this telescope enables you to use a very light weight mount indeed so just about any mount from about EQ5 size upwards will do, and unguided exposures are possible provided you polar align accurately. For visual use or solar observing, this telescope is an ideal companion for the iOptron Cube PRO and this would be an airline portable package similar in size to a medium camera zoom lens.

Technical Specs:

80mm Doublet, Ohara Synthetic Fluorite FPL-53 ED lens, 500mm focal length.
Max practical power 160x (approx.)
540mm folded length, weight 3kg (approx.)
Dual Speed 1:10 ratio “Rack ‘n Pinion” focuser with internal baffling.
M54x0.75mm rear thread > 2” push-fit adapter with 3x clamping screws and brass compression ring included.
Alu-finish case with foam padding.
Optional M48 male-thread imaging adapter, compatible with Altair M48 variable spacers or a DSLR M48 adapter.
2x Tube rings, enabling use of a proper Vixen-format dovetail bar for maximum compatibility with mounts, and a very short fold-down length for travel.