Sale on Adaptors and Camera Adaptors

We have the followng open box items

1) 2" to T2 Prime Focus Camera Adaptor - 10
23) William Optics 2" Extender - 20

2) Old Style Vixen Focal reducer for 81/103/115
refractors with Common adaptr and EOS adaptor
3) SBIG CLA Nikon to T Camera lens adaptor - 30

4) C Mount to T2 Extension Ring - 10

5) 1 only WO FLT 132 CNC Tube Ring - 20

6) IKHAROS 0.8x Reducer/Flattener for F7 to F8
refractors - 40

Sale on Tube Rings

We have on sale the following CNC tube Rings

IKI 125mm Tube Rings for Telescopes with 125mm OD Tubes IE FSQ106, TSA120 and others - 75

IKI 95mm Tube Rings for telescopes with 95mm OD Tubes IE Takahashi FSQ85, FC76DS and others - 55

Sale Items - Additional July 11 2019

We have the additional items on sale.

1) Unboxed Teleskop Service 2.5" Universal Field Flattener (for Refractors and RC's) - 50

3) Used Takahashi .75x Reducer/Corrector for FS78

4) William Optics 2" Eyepiece clamp for FLT132 - 25

Sale of Altair Accessories

We have a range of Altair accessories available at special sale prices.

Please click n the pull down menu for a list with pricing or to order.