William Optics GT Field Flattener and Focal Reducer

This is the new 0.8x Reducer/Flattener designed for the GT102 and other F6.9 to F7 refractors.

Features Male T2 adaptor and 2" Pushfit.


William Optics Flattener 6

This new 0.8x Reducer/Flattener has been developed specifically for the William Optics ZS71 and other F6 Williams Optics refractors such as the ZS70 and Megrez 72. It should also work successfully with other manufacturers F6 telescopes of similar aperture.

High-quality FMC
Lens-to-chip suggested distance: 55-57mm
Comes with T-ring thread for best distance setup results
2" nosespiece Included
Weight : 165g

Will provide good illumination and flat field across APS sized sensors and smaller.

Wilia Optics SPL Eyepiecs

William Optics is proud to introduce the SPL (Super Planetary Long eye-relief) eyepieces. This new Planetary Eyepiece series is designed for users with the need for high-power, sharp and contrast views for planetary observations. The long eye relief is a bonus for people with eyeglasses and for people who do not want to strain their eyesight during observation sessions.

High Quality Optical Lens
Special glasses and perfect multi-coatings make the optical performance of SPL amazing in almost any telescope. a very well corrected field of view, free from optical aberrations allows you to finally enjoy planets as they deserve.
Good transmittance and excellent color rendition will allow you to enjoy planetary details you had missed so far.
Leave ghosting and flares to other eyepieces:your William Optics SPL will not disappoint you.

High Power and High Contrast
Available in three focal lengths, 3mm, 6mm, and 12.5mm, these eyepieces will satisfy any power requirement. Easy to Barlow, they will yield amazing results even at the highest powers (provided that atmospherical conditions and your telescope canhandle such high powers!).
Great contrast and sharp to the edges
Distortion-free EXTRA details is not a miracle: it all goes down to quality construction and design. SPL give you just what you always wanted.

Long Eye relief
All three focal lengths boast very long eyerelief for maximum viewing comfort even for eyeglass wearers.
Mechanically beautiful and functional tapered barrel.
Blackened lens edges and flat black paint in the barrel to minimize sources of potential reflections.

Excellent value
The very competitive price of these planetary eyepieces will encourage you to get the whole series to add to your keep-a-lifetime eyepieces!


William Optics 1.25" 45 Degree Erecting Diagonal

1.25" 45 degree erecting diagonal for comfortable terrestrial and daytime observing.


Starlight Instruments FTF3545B Replacement Focuser for WO FLT 132

The Feathertouch FT3545 Focuser with adaptors for the William Optics FLT 132 Instrument.

Includes 4.5" Focuser Travel, 3.5" Barrell, 72 pitch Rack and pinnion mechanism, 92mm threaded end cap which is compatible with the WO 4" tube extenders and TMB large format field flattener.

Includes 10:1 gear reduction ratio.

Lifting capacity is approx 15 lbs. This focuser will easily handle just about any camera/filterwheel/AO combination you can throw at it.

Technical Specs:

Draw Tube Travel 114.30 mm | 4.50 In
Racked In from Mounting Face 108.077 mm | 4.255 In
Racked Out from Mounting Face 222.377 mm | 8.755 In
Diameter at Back Side (Eye Piece) of Draw Tube 92.71 mm | 3.65 In
Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Helical Rack and Pinion 72 Pitch
Reduction Ratio 10:1 (Approximately)
Travel per Pinion Revolution 21.46mm | 0.845 In
Lifting Capacity 5.5-6.8kg | 12-15 lbs


William Optics Focal Reducer and Flattener IV (New 12/09)

This revolutionary new WO AFR-IV Adjustable Flattener / 0.8x Reducer was made for 500-1000mm refractors.

Super-Transmission-Coated with 2-element unit was designed and produced by William Optics, the inner flattener lenses can be set at the optimum 66mm-86mm back focus by simple hand twist (Distance from flattener lens to film or CCD plane).

This accessory is a must-have for refractor astrophotography.

Designed to cover full size DSLR cameras with clear lens aperture of 50 mm
STM coated with excellent doublet air spaced design.
Produced entirely with the best Ohara optical glasses.

It will flatten the field amazingly well and finally make you see those stars round!
This unique flattener works with WO's or other 500-1000mm focal length refractors.

Superb Finish
Superb William Optics anodized finish.
All internal surfaces threaded and blackened for no reflections.

Easy to Use
Rotating T-ring thread for any 35mm camera. The T-ring adapter is provided with a lock screw and extra lock retaining screws.
Will accept any standard T-ring for your camera.
Inserts directly into 2" focuser.

Suitable for
FLT98, FLT110, FLT132 and many others.

Technical Specs:

High-quality FMC
Lens-to-chip distance : 66-86mm
Power : 0.75x ~ 0.8x
Rotating T-ring adapter
Clear Aperture : 50mm
L 84mm : W 77mm : H 123mm
Weight : 540 g


William Optics 1.25" Carbon Fibre Dielectric Diagonal

Superb quality 1.25" Dielectric coated diagonal.

Much better performance than low cost mirror or prism diagonals.

Technical Specs:

Ultra High Dielectric 99% reflectivity
Precision 1/10 lambda surface with
10mm-thick mirror.
Barrel threaded to fit a variety of filters.
Weight : 210 g

William Optics 1.25 Inch UWAN Eyepieces

The new UWAN design features ultra wide apparent fields of view with excellent edge of field correction.

The UWAN range features high quality multi coatings, internal baffling and blackened lens edges for superior contrast.

These eyepieces are a real alternative to high end eyepieces from other manufacturers at less than high end prices.

Technical Specs:

Internally baffled, All lenses' edges and internal spacers blackened, Fully multicoated
Model UWAN 16,Focal Length 16 mm, Lens Structure (#Elements/#Groups) 7/4, Field of View 82
Eye Relief 12mm, Barrel 1.25", Coating FMC, Parfocal Yes, Weight 200 g,

Model UWAN 7
Focal Length 7 mm, Lens Structure elements/#Groups) 7/4, Field of View 82, Eye Relief 12mm, Barrel 1.25", Coating FMC, Parfocal Yes, Weight 200 g,

Model UWAN 4
Focal Length 4 mm, Lens Structure (#Elements/#Groups) 7/4, Field of View 82, Eye Relief 12mm, Barrel 1.25", Coating FMC, Parfocal Yes, Weight 200 g,


William optics 2 Inch Dielectric Coated Diagonal with CF Body

If what you are looking for is the highest achievable brightness, contrast and sharpness during critical observations with high-end instruments, The WO 90 2 inch mirror Dielectric star Diagonal is your choice. A premium product at a discounted price!

Technical Specs:

Ultra High Dielectric 99% reflectivity
Precision 1/10 lambda surface with
10mm-thick mirror.
2"- 1.25" adapter with brass clamping ring.
Inside diameter (48mm): threaded to fit a variety of filters.
Weight : 470 g
CF Body


William Optics Vixen Compatible Dovetail Plate

This dovetail fits the Eztouch and other mountings with a Vixen or Skywatcher compatible dovetail system.

Very rigid and works well with WO scopes fitted with the L shaped mounting bracket.

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