William Optics M48 T Mount Adaptors for Flat 68II, RedCat51, Star 71, Flat 61 and 73

One Piece M48 T Mount adaptor available in DOS, Nikon, Olympus Micro Four Thirds and Sony E Mount

To ensure precise squaring on of camera body.


William Optics 50mm Guidescope F4

All new, unique, fully multi coated WO 50mm f/4 guiding scope with 1.25" RotoLock adapter that fits perfectly on your William Optics telescope. This item requires that your guiding camera should have a 1.25" nosepiece.

Please note that this item cannot be used as a finder with a reticle eyepiece; it does not have sufficient back-focus (in-focus) travel for that application.


High-quality 50mm f/4 achromatic objective
1.25" RotoLock camera holder
Rotolock adapter rides on an M48 threaded barrel, allowing it to be screwed in or out to obtain 8mm of focus travel. Lock ring included.
White powder painted with blue trim
Perfectly suited for William Optics or other refractors

Technical Specs:

Tube outside diameter = 54.5mm (2.15")
Dewshield outside diameter = 58.2mm (2.29")
Minimum length = 253mm (9.96")
Maximum length = 261mm (10.28")
Rotolock focus travel = 8mm (0.31")
Weight = 460g (16.2oz)
Finder bracket sold separately


William Optics 50mm Finder Bracket

This excellent new quick-release finderscope bracket is easy to use, very convenient and a great value. It's a perfect addition to your telescope: no need to waste time mounting the bracket and finderscope every night! It will work with William Optics 30mm and 50mm finders, as well as with many other finders on the market.

Note that this bracket is attached to telescope focusers using a single M5 screw on the included finder base. This bracket will fit William Optics telescopes that use their standard R&P or Crayford focusers. It will NOT fit the new William Optics telescopes that use the newer V-Power focuser.

Quick Release
Quick release mechanism.

3 Teflon-tipped adjustment screws on both rings.

Completely CNC machined, polished aluminum.

Perfect for WO Finderscope
Inside diameter of 67mm (usable ID is less because of delrin-tipped thumbscrews). Will fit WO 30mm and 50mm finderscopes or many other finderscope tubes as small as 29mm tube diameter to as large as 60mm tube diameter.

Weight: 8.8 oz

William Optics Flat7 for FLT132, ZS126 and(GT102 optional*)

Field Flattener for FLT132 or GT102 (with optional adaptor)


William Optics Flat6AII for GT81, GT102 and ZS103 and 126 Telescopes

New Adjustable Flat6All (T-mount not included)

Field flattener / X0.8 Reducer.

This very elegant 2" reducer/field flattener has been designed to optimize the flat-field imaging performance of William Optics F/6 to F7.5 ratio refactors. WO Flat 6All will provide good illumination and flat field across 97% of full frame sized sensors.

Full frame size
Designed with nearly Full frame chip-size DSLR cameras in mind.
FMC tripllet APO design.
Produced entirely with the best Ohara optical glasses.
Reducing factor 0.8X.
Adjustable design, for perfect back focus it can be used with other models of refractor
48mm filter ready
Superb Finish
William Optics polished anodized finish.
All internal surfaces threaded and blackened to prevent reflections.
Will accept any standard 48mm T-ring for your camera.


William Optics 1.25" Carbon Fibre Dielectric Diagonal

Superb quality 1.25" Dielectric coated diagonal.

Much better performance than low cost mirror or prism diagonals.

Technical Specs:

Ultra High Dielectric 99% reflectivity
Precision 1/10 lambda surface with
10mm-thick mirror.
Barrel threaded to fit a variety of filters.
Weight : 210 g


William Optics Durabrite 2 Inch Dielectric Coated CF Diagonal with CF Body

If what you are looking for is the highest achievable brightness, contrast and sharpness during critical observations with high-end instruments, The WO 90 2 inch mirror Dielectric star Diagonal is your choice. A premium product at a discounted price!

Technical Specs:

Ultra High Dielectric 99% reflectivity
Precision 1/10 lambda surface with
10mm-thick mirror.
2"- 1.25" adapter with brass clamping ring.
Inside diameter (48mm): threaded to fit a variety of filters.
Weight : 470 g
CF Body


William Optics Vixen Compatible Dovetail Plate

This dovetail fits the Eztouch and other mountings with a Vixen or Skywatcher compatible dovetail system.

Very rigid and works well with WO scopes fitted with the L shaped mounting bracket.


2 Inch prime Focus Camera Adaptor

The ideal 2" camera adapter for prime focus photography. Featutes T-Thread.


2 Inch Extender Tube

William Optics 2 Inch extender tube - ideal for straight through imaging.

Features brass compression ring.

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