IK-R Guidescope Support Rings

These attractive and well engineered rings have an internal diameter of 115mm and can accommodate telescopes ranging from 55 to 100 mm external diameter. The rings have a flat base and single fixing point making them easy to attach to a variety of standard plates and mounting platforms.

Main features of the IK-R rings include -

low flexure – the generous wall thickness of the ring together with careful material selection makes for a ring with exceptional rigidity. We are not aware of any stiffer ring in this size category.

Soft scope pads – astro.phad’s in-house formulation polymer pads are kind to your scope’s surface finish. Their high coefficient of friction means that less clamping force is required and thus scope tube deflection is also reduced. Replacement soft pads are inexpensive and readily available from Ian King Imaging. Hard delrin pads for heavier duty use are also available.

Ergonomic chunky knobs – generously proportioned acetal thumb wheels that accommodate fingers and don’t cut into you. The scalloped design means that they are easy to use with gloves and cold fingers. These are specifically made for the job, not just the cheap, mass produced injection moulded knobs found on some models.

Simple, clean design and well crafted – individually hand finished and black anodised in-house to over 25 microns by astro.phad.. We think they look great!

The set includes a complementary spare set of soft pads and two M6x25 caphead screws, nuts and washers suitable for fixing the rings to an appropriately prepared plate up to 14mm thick. Note that if holes are to be prepared to suit these fixings use either a 6.4mm or ¼” drill.

Astro.phad are extremely proud to be able to declare that these rings are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in the UK.