Lunt LS50 THa Solar Telescope

Lunt Solar Systems announces new H-alpha solar telescopes, with 50mm free aperture and air-pressure tuning system „Pressure Tuner”!

These compact telescopes will provide 350mm focal length and <0.75 Angstrom bandwidth. Two different versions are available, with B400 blocking filter or larger B600 blocking filter.

Also double-stacking with a bandwidth of only <0.5 Angstrom will be possible with these telescopes.

Therefore a special LS50C filter with compact housing will be available as an additional accessory.

These new telescopes will be available in July / August 2014.

The refractor based telescopes will provide:

- 50mm free aperture (no central obstruction)

- 350mm focal length

- internal Etalon with air-pressure tuning system “Pressure Tuner”

- bandwidth <0.75 Angstrom

- non-rotating Helical focuser

- clamshell with 1/4-20 tapped base (standard thread for photo-tripods)

Lunt LS60 Tha Solar Telescope

The LS60/Ha is a complete Solar Telescope. The refractor based system has a precision aligned singlet chromatical lens with a 60mm aperture. The front singlet lens reduce half the straylight of an achromat , fully eleminate the possibility for on axis coma, astigmatism, decentering aberrations and provides with the matched collimation lens set a full spherical corrected flat-field Solar-Telescope. The focal length is 500mm providing a ~4.5 mm image thru a 6mm blocking filter. Fine adjustment is achieved with a Crayford style focuser or feather touch focuser with 10:1 reduction standard. An internal etalon with tune adjustment allows for a <0.8 Angstrom bandpass.

**Delivery is typically 3 to 4 weeks**

**Please enquire for Double Stack prices and delivery times**