Gemini G53 Friction Drive Equatorial Mount

Wether you need a high capacity, high precision transportable equatorial head or want a perfect companion in your observatory, the G53F is the right choice. The G53F is easy to use. There are no clutch handles because the slip clutch is integrated into the drive gear. Just grab and rotate the telescope and stay syncronized with the sky.

The friction drive offers the highest possible torsional stiffness, silent, efficient and fast operation. Due to the strict dimensional tolerances of the mechanical parts it delivers outstanding tracking precision without any electronic trick. The response to DEC autoguiding commands is outstandingly quick.

You are ready for imaging in 3 easy steps.
1 - release the drive roller with a thumbscrew and balance the mount.
2 - run the Autoinit routine in Pulsar
3 - run the Alignmaster routine in Pulsar (or use the optional Polar finder)

There are 2 cables that connect the G53F to Pulsar. One for the motors, one for the encoders.

Main features of the G53F (uses exclusively Pulsar2 driver)- Integrated slip clutches, encoder based friction drive system

- Can be separated in two parts (4 screws), the total weight is 20 kg

- 45 kg payload

- Sidereal, Lunar, Solar and 3 custom tracking rates

- Up to 7 deg/sec GoTo speed

- Accurate 12x30 polar finder with illumination (optional)

- LX200 (most commands), PemPro and ASCOM compatible

- Reference stars, M, NGC, IC, Pk and custom programmable database

- Smart meridian flips (for robotic mode and efficient goto)

- Parking also via external switch (cloud detector) - when the PC breaks down

- Real time refraction correction (for tracking and goto)

- 12VDC operation, 1A consumption

- GPS connection for time and geographical position download (optional cable needed)

- Real time PEC with encoder (PE below 2" ptv with PEC, at any sky position)

- Free firmware updates, language versions

- 5 years of warranty for mechanical parts, 2 year for electronics

- Absolute position reference for recovery after system breakdown

- 3 star Polar Alignment Aid (Alignmaster by Matthias Garzarolli)

Technical Specs:

Steppers: NEMA 14, 200 step, 0,8 Amp
Drive disk: D 220 mm, stainless steel
Drive roller: D 6 mm, hardened and coated steel
Encoders: Optical incremental, 72 000 pulse/rev
Weight: 20 kg
Load capacity: 45 kg
Elevation range: 25-90 deg
Driver: Pulsar2 (Can be operated with P1 but without the advantage of encoder
Slewing pecision: cca 30 arcsec
Tracking precision: 2”/5 minutes
Power: 12-18VDC, 3A (1A continuous draw at 12V)
Telescope interface: Losmandy rail or custom


Gemini Pulsar Drive Controller for G42 - Controller Only for PC Operation

Gemini's drive controller - ideal for use with the G42. This is the controller only and can be used for controlling the mount via a PC and most popular planetarium programs.

This new drive controller was designed to meet the needs of advanced amateurs in the 21st century and at the same time it offers simple handling.

Main features

Suitable for all mounts with bipolar 2 phase stepper motors (step mode from full to 1/256 micro, auto selected).

Handles German and fork mounts with artificial intelligence - does not hit the pier with the telescope tube.

Has encoder controlled PEC function.

Offers real time King rate tracking (RA and DEC) computed from actual telescope position and geographical position.

You can connect your GPS (serial, 4800 baud NMEA) to enjoy observatory functions in transportable mode.

The power of 24V operation (faster and smoother motions) is available from 12V battery with our built-in transverter.

Hand controller has joystick, red LCD, numeric keypad and can have 500 m (!) of cable connection. Yet it is just 8x15 cm in size. As of Oct. 2004. the hand controllers are supplied with an optoelectronic joystick, eliminating mechanical problems.

It is LX200 and ASCOM compatible, has autoguider inputs (Meade, SBIG with adapter and can be remotely operated (Internet)

Besides the obvious tracking rates and user programmed slewing speeds it offers a progressive speed mode that works as well for precise centering as jumping several degrees in the sky.

Its ultra precise time base (tipically a few sec/30 days) provides accurate position memory for weeks. You just turn it on and go (permanent setup mode).

The internal database includes 46 Stars, M, NGC and User catalogues (data is editable in Excel, planets and double stars available).

The PC software offers full control of the telescope: you can observe from your living room.

The hand controller software is available in Deutsch, Dutch, English, Espanol, Italiano.

The power management software keeps your motors cool during operation and standstill.

Finally, good news for electronics nuts: nothing will go wrong if you reverse the polarity. Not even the fuse.


Gemini New Pulsar 2 USB Drive Controller with Hand Controller

What's new?

Pulsra2 accepts servo or stepper motors.

Independent incremental encoders can be added.

Connets to the PC by the USB port.

Allows direct access from the internet (Ethernet connector).

Has much more memory for databases (curently we have added IC and Pk).

Steppers are driven in 2 speed dependent modes, ensuring silent and silky smooth tracking AND high goto speeds.

The motor connector and the hand controller are compatible with Pulsar.

It has a foolproof initializing menu to help setting DEC motor rotation and finding the reference star.

Upgrading the firmware takes 20 seconds and all user settings in the menu are protected.

What is to come?

During 2010 we will add a cone error correction routine and a polar alignment routine.

Gemini's Pulsar 2 drive controller - ideal for use with the G42

Accessories for G42 Mounting

See variations for a list of accessories.

Gemini GHS MkIII Q Lock 140 Tripod

The GHS MkII tripod is the ideal solid base for your G-41. It ensures that stability is not compromised by wobbling tripod legs…The new MkII model has 8cm independent leg adjustment, slightly shorter central pier and e few kg less weight but the same legendary stability as its predecessor. The Qlock option saves you a lot of frustration in the dark - you just put the mount head on, turn a hand knob on the pier and it's done.

The GHS tripod is an easy to manipulate, solid base for a transportable setup. It adjusts from 100 - 140 cm (custom sizes available on request). The mount attaches with a central hand knob and two optional screws at the edges. Large hand knobs and levers are easy to work with in the dark/cold. Full Aluminium and stainless steel construction, weights 15,5 kg. Shipped in timber box. The Permanent Setup Adapter is the top part of the tripod. It fits on a 120 mm O.D. tube.

The central pier slides in the collar so that the tripod is adjustable from 100-140cm. It is 103 cm high in the folded position. The clearance between the mount base and the collar varies between 37 -61cm.


Gemini G42 Permanent Pier Adaptor

Permanent Pier Adaptor for G42


Gemini G53 9kg Stainless Steel Counterweights

9kg high quality stainless steel counterweight.

Separate Delivery charge on this item.