SkyShed Skypod - An Introduction

Introducing the POD.

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By using the same proven material that's been used globally, for decades in agricultural products and outdoor structures, combined with an evolutionary patent pending design, SkyShed POD is the permanent or temporary observatory solution to house and operate the latest equipment.

Easy setup & Portability.
Six wall sections and four dome sections nest together, taking up less shipping space and weight than conventional domes. In fact, they're even portable enough to take to star parties, and POD customers do this! First time assembly takes less than 2 hours, subsequent quick assembly at a starparty for example, is even quicker once rain seals and wheel tracks are bolted in place. The product is 2.4m in diameter at it's widest point.

Huge viewing window! PODs patent pending design provides you with a horizon to horizon, east to west view, at the same time! No need to motorize the roof. No need for motors, pulleys or cables. Saves both valuable observing time and money.

360 Degree Rotation. View in any direction. Track objects for hours with no need to move the dome! Need the ultimate in zenith access? Check Out the soon to be released PZT!

POD is just under 8' in diameter by 8' in height and will accommodate the latest popular SCT and GE telescopes, up to 14", including 14" CGE and 14" RCX. Plus small to medium sized refractors, even Dobsonians.

Available in your choice of
Desert Tan, Discovery White, Lunar Gray, Midnight Gray, Forest Green, Neutron Blue, ION Green. NEW colors Ice Green and Cobalt Blue!

No need to paint. POD will retain it's color for many years.

Install POD on the ground, on a deck, or any flat surface.

Optional POD BAYs provide additional space for laptops, equipment, LCD screens, charts, storage, etc. The Bays extend to the ground, meaning you can put much more weight in them than a cubby that sticks out through the mid wall.

Optional Neutron Blue and ION Green
GLOW IN THE DARK Models. The entire POD glows in the dark! Why?

POD XL3 is the 3 Bay model and XL5 is the 5 Bay model. Both are package priced.

Can operate in temperatures far above and below the temps your equipment can operate in.

Stainless steel and rust resistant hardware used throughout.

New Black Lined POD Bay Option A new black lined POD Bay is now available. The lining is 100% virgin black polyethylene, heavily UV/IR resistant, and adds 15 lbs weight to the Bay. This makes the new Bay even stronger than the POD Bay available in the past. More...

New Ecomate Insulated Wall and Primary Dome Panels Option Skyshed have recently perfected a method of filling the POD walls and primary dome with hardened foam insulation. Not only does this make the already strong walls and dome incredibly strong, it cuts out IR waves, UV waves, and light.

Secure your equipment with PODs locking door and dome. In addition POD has 12 internal anchor points around the wall base to deter theft and keep POD anchored even in extreme conditions.

Assembly DVD
POD mold maker Alain Roy shows you how to easily assemble POD in little time with just a few basic tools.

Skyshed SkyPod - Options

Get out under the sky!
Unlike conventional domes, the POD offers a 180 degree wide angle view of the sky for more visual enjoyment, allowing you to see objects in their context and chat with fellow observers over the side.

Another advantage of the POD is that the dome doesn't need to be constantly rotated as your telescope tracks the sky, and movement is only needed every 4-5 hours if that. Opening up your dome just before sunset also gives you faster telescope cool-down then you would get with a traditional observatory design with a narrow viewing slit.

By offsetting your scope from the centre of the dome, or using an equatorial mount (which is naturally offset), you can achieve zenith viewing - though many customers don't bother because fork and equatorial mounted telescopes are awkward to use at this angle, especially if camera equipment protrudes out of the back, potentially fouling the mount.

Customise your POD.
Colour combinations are available for the dome in white, tan and light grey. Walls are available in white, tan, green and two shades of grey (see opposite colour charts and photos). We recommend a lighter colour on the dome, for less heat retention, and a darker colour for the walls, which also looks great. Additional inset wall panels called POD Bays offer vastly expanded equipment storage space, ideal for computers, accumulator batteries and eyepiece cases. Shelving systems are available for the Bays, and you can upgrade your POD to between one and a maximum of five POD Bays (an XL-5). No other dome product has the flexibility. Bays nest into each other for shipping, therefore ordering 3 Bays with your POD can cost a lot less than ordering Bays individually as they take up almost the same volume. The Bays and walls also offer a platform for installing your own power distribution panels, interior lighting, networking, climate control, and dome automation accessories. plus a range of quality steel piers are coming soon providing more floor space than a telescope tripod


Skyshed Skypod Colour Options

See the Graphic for colour Options

Skyshed Skypod Accessories

The below Skypod Accessories are optional.


Skyshed Skypod Foam Filled POD Wall

IR blocking and improved insulation with a side effect of a huge increase in strength. This upgrade isn't absolutely essential for cool countries like the UK.

Price Per Wall