ATIK 314L Plus

The new ATIK 314L features various differences to the existing 314L camera.


Temperature regulated cooling, with set point capability. This means you can now select a temperature, and the camera cooling regulator will maintain the temperature at the set point.

Slightly improved cooling capacity. The 314L+ can reach -27C below ambient. This will allow the sensor to work always below 0C, even in very hot summer nights.

No external boxes. The entire regulation system is built into the camera, and its controlled by the software.

The Atik 314L+ maintains the ultra low noise levels of the 314L, as well as the compactness.

The new ATIK 314L is based on the excellent Sony 285 CCD but sets new standard in performance and specification.

It features

USB 2.0 performance - High speed downloads, with 1M pixels/second readout speed, with a 2M pixel/s preview mode

Extremely low noise electronics - Readout noise is the lowest possible. 4e

Compact and lightweight circular cases - Less stress on your focuser, symmetric shape, fork mounts can be used without a problem, as well as Starizona's Hyperstar system.

Low power requirements - 12V, 0.8A. Extra life from your batteries means longer imaging sessions in the field.

Highly efficient cooling - Delivers -25C cooling difference from ambient temperature. Reduces noise in your images dramatically, making dark frames unnecessary.

Weighing very little and with a small and low profile round case this camera is suitable for use on a wide variety of scopes from small aperture short focal elngth APO refractors through to large aperture long focal length instruments.

The high QE and very low Read and Dark noise combine to give superb sensitivity and dynamic range without the need to take dark frames.

All prices below are for ATIK 314L Plus Cameras


ATIK 383L with EFW2 Filter Wheel Package

ATIK 383L with EFW-2 Filter wheel complete with carry case with custom cut foam.

Can be used with 1.25" filters down to F5 with only minimal vignetting.


ATIK Titan Dual Purpose CCD Camera

The Titan is the exciting new dual purpose cooled CCD camera from ATIK.

It features a cooled Sony ICX 424 659 x 494 Sensor that can also operate at 15 frames per second in high speed mode.

The high frame rate gives the imager the opportunity to capture fleeting moments of high quality seeing and combined with the 16 bit digitisation and very low nosie will provide excellent lunar and planetary imaging.

Conversely the -20 degrees C cooling and high sensitivity of the Sony 424 sensor coupleed with very low (5e) read noise makes this camera a very capable deep sky tool capable of very long and dep exposures.

In addition the Titan would also make an ultra fast autoguider.

Included is the full featured Dawn software for image processing and camera control/image aquisition.

Available in colour or monochrome

Technical Specs:

Sensor: Sony ICX 424
Resolution: 659 x 494
Pixel Size: 7.4um
ADC: 16 Bit
Readout Noise: 5e
Interface: USB
Power: 12vdc .55amps
Cooling: Thermoelectric -20 degrees C
Weight: 350g
Guide Port: ST-4 Compatible

ATIK Off Axis Guider

As a complement to the filter wheel, we also developed an Off]Axis Guider, which
features just about everything needed to successfully use this kind of guiding system.
It features a moving prism which allows
selecting the best quality stars of your
corrected field of view, while maintaining
the possibility of using from small VGA
sensors up to 35mm multi megapixel full
frame beasts.
It also features an extremely smooth and
precise fine focus system, with extension
rings of 3 different lengths, so that
different types of cameras reach focus
with different types of autoguiders.
The OAG interfaces perfectly with the EFW2, meaning that no spacing exists between
both units, keeping total backfocus requirements low.

Technical Specs:

Weight Aprox. 180g
Clear diameter 54mm


ATIK RJ11 Autoguider Cable

RJ11 Autoguider cable for use with ATIK cameras.

Works with most standard RJ11 type guider sockets including those found on HEQ5/EQ6 Pro mounts, Losmandy,Meade etc

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