Starlight Xpress A/O Unit for use with QSI WSG CCD Cameras

This combination can be used with a Starlight Xpress Lodestar Guider and QSI WSG Series 500 CCD Camera.

Provides highly accurate positional feedback to the control software. Unlike cameras with an integrated guider chip, the QSI Integrated OAG puts the guide camera ahead of any filters and so its sensitivity is always at maximum.

The Lodestar guide camera is designed to be parfocal with the QSI 500 WSG Camera. It screws into the OAG via a male C thread.

Fine focus adjustment is provided if necessary but most units are parfocal out of the box.

In tests with a QSI 500 WSG camera and Lodestar we have found this the easiest system for guide star aquisition.

Due in part to the phenomenal sensitivity of the Lodestar and in part the parfocal integrated Off Axis Guider incorporated into the QSI WSG camera, this system provides the ultimate in guiding accuracy combined with ease of use.

Ian's Thoughts:

This SX A/O and QSI 500 WSG combination is the simplest and easiest high performance A/O system we have used to date.

Technical Specs:

The A/O simply bolts to the front of the QSI 500 WSG CCD Camera.

Image tracking and stabilisation using a high speed tip-tilt optical window

Fast tracking speed of 5mS per increment

Overcomes rapid gear errors to stabilise even difficult mounts

Mount control output for correcting large drive errors while maintaining AO stabilisation

Image shift factor independent of optical system or camera back-focus spacing

Clear aperture of 37mm for up to APS size chips

Short optical length - only 38mm - very lightweight.

Very low light loss (~2%) from the multicoated optics