Pulsar 2.2m Observatory Dome

Pulsar Observatories have now introduced their new 2.2m dome. Based on a similar design to the 2.7m model the 2.2m offers the following advantages over the older 2.1m dome

1) Taller - can accomodate larger refractors better.

2) Dome aperture is wider and longer. this gives more clear sky and is of particular benefit to astro imagers as the dome can now accomodatre larger aperture telescopes more easily and does not require rotating for much longer intervals

3)Finest quality GRP finish

4) high quality locking system

5) Simpler design for self assembly

6) Motorised dome rotation available

7) Motorised dome shutters available

8) Compatable for remote operation

Ideal for up to 12" telescopes and a variety of installations, also ideal for societies, schools, etc.

Check out this video of the new Rigel Rotation system

For extra comfort and convenience the Pulsar Observatory Domes provide a high quality, practical housing for your telescope. Not only do they provide weather protection for you and your telescope, they allow you to have your instruments ready for use at all times, adding greatly to your enjoyment of observing the night sky.

The 2.2 metre observatory dome is constructed of glass fibre, and is available as a full height observatory, or dome only for roof installation.

Prices DO NOT include delivery.

Ring for delivery and installation charges.

Ian's Thoughts:

I have the new 2.2m dome in my own garden - which can be viewed.

Technical Specs:

Total Height approx 2.35 metres

Dome Diameter approx 2.2 metres

Door Height approx 1.1 metres

Dome Aperture approx 0.6 metres

Suitable for telescopes up to at least 12inch Aperture.