Lakeside Astro Motorfocus System - NOW USB

The Lakeside Motorfocus is a bolt on automated focussing system designed and made in the UK.

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It can be controlled manually using the included hand control or via a PC using the included PC Interface using the freeware program Focus Max or programs like Maxim DL.

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The Lakeside Motorfocus bolts onto your existing focuser - replacing one of the focusing knobs - and is held in place with a holding bracket which bolts to the underside of your telescopes focuser.

It is ideal for use with most popular Rack and Pinnion and Crayford Focusers. We can produce a suiotable mounting bracket for the majority of popular instruments.

We have also developed a bracket to attach the Lakeside Motor Focus directly to popular SCT instruments to allow motor focussing via the primary mirror focus knob.

Control Unit

The control unit is a sturdy die-cast aluminium box fitted with a 16 character by 2 line LCD display and control buttons. The unit is fully ASCOM compliant for use with programs such as MaxIm DL, Astro Art, CCD Soft and FocusMax etc., and has been tested with Windows XP and Vista.

The display shows the position of the focuser in normal use and provides all the required displays for calibrating and setting up the unit. The centre button is used to select the various modes which include AUTO, MANUAL, GOTO, TEMP and SETUP.

When in AUTO mode the unit can be driven by programs such MaxIm and FocusMax using ASCOM. The focuser position is displayed in this mode.

When in MANUAL mode the motor can be driven using the buttons on the unit. When a move IN/OUT button is pressed the motor speed starts at a low rate to enable precise positioning and ramps up to maximum speed if the button is held down. The display shows the focuser position at all times.

When in manual mode it is possible to set the backlash value.

The GOTO mode allows you to return to a previously saved position. This could be useful if you are using the unit in manual and swapping eyepieces or imaging equipment which have different focus positions

A selection of standard brackets and couplers will be offered to fit a variety of telescopes. We will be happy to provide non standard items on request

Technical Specs:

System includes:

Control unit
Stepper motor
Mounting bracket for stepper motor to suit telescope *
Shaft coupler to suit telescope *
2 metre stepper motor control cable
1.8m USB Cable
2 metre cable with plug for 12v dc supply (Connector for battery end not supplied)
CD containing drivers and manual

Optional Extras:

Additional stepper motor assemblies including bracket and coupler
External digital temperature sensor