Baader RGBC and LRGB Filter Set

Baader have introduced a new line of RGBC (LRGB) filters.

Prices start at 189.90

**Please note there is a 10% discount from the published prices when purchased with a CCD Camera.""

One of the greatest benefits is a 1:1:1:weighting in RGB. See below for more details.

A new line of Baader LRGBC filters now supplements the Baader narrowband emission line filters
(H-beta/O III/H-alpha/S II)
With this addition, Baader offers the complete line of LRGBC plus the emission line filters H-alpha / S II /
O III (plus H-beta) in unmatched quality grade, all being parfocal and made of precision optically polished
glass .
Baader LRGBC-filters are available in the following sizes:
- 1 1/4"(w.cell mount)
- 2"(w.cell mount)
- 50.8 mm Diam.(unmounted)
- 50x50 mm Square (ummounted)

Mounted filters feature a glass thickness of 2mm, unmounted filters feature a thickness of 3 mm.

For RGB-Astro-Filters it is of utmost importance to produce extremely steep transmission slopes for
maximum efficiency and highest contrast between the important emission lines, to clearly differentiate between the colors. For the first time it is possible to have the gradients of the coating curves produced in
such steepness that the most important emission line (O III) can be doubly weighted for imaging, with both the B- and G-filters including more than 90% brightness of O III - enabling a perfect color balance and collecting every bit of precious energy that this most important DeepSky emission line can supply - while at the same time completely separating the G-filter from the blue H-Beta emission line.

Contrary to former RGB-designs, with the Baader RGBs the G- and R-filters form a very narrow gap but do not overlap almost at all, in order to transmit the R-channel in sufficient width to work for Full-Frameand Interline-Chips with equal effectivity, but to sharply exclude the spectral area around 580 nanometer which carries the main light polluting emission lines of Mercury and Sodium street lamps.

Baader RGBs will produce a darker sky background in polluted skies than other RGBs not excluding the ~580nm emission passband of street lamps.

Mechanical Properties:
- the only high quality filters - with each individual filter planeoptically polished to 1/4 wave and
- Baader LRGBC filters are COMPLETELY free from reflections due to an elaborate coating design
when compared to competing designs.
- each filter coated separately. Filters are NOT just cut or bored out from a large coated plate

- Baader individual hard coatings do ensure sealed coating edges, impermeable from moisture and
environmental forces - bored filters have the coating microcracked all around the edge. Baader
sealed edge design will stay sealed and intact forever.

- Baader-filters may be even be boiled in water without water penetrating into the coating at the sides

- Baader-filters feature hard coatings that may be cleaned w. Baader Optical Wonder fluid w/o

Optical Properties:

- NO REFLECTIONS - when compared to competitive designs

- RGB-imaging allows equal weighting factors for each channel, very important for automated imaging

- Unique filter design for absolute maximum contrast with extremely high gradients,to allow clear
differentiation of colors

- O III emission overlaps on B/G-filters with maximum transmission to allow efficient and natural color imaging, better than ever before - R-filter delivers maximum transmission for H-alpha and S II while cutting IR with highest efficiency

- Gap between G/R-filters serves to reduce light pollution from Mercury and Sodium lamps and
improves color balance and color separation.
Commercial Highlights:

- FAIR PRICING - more expensive filters will not offer better performance

- less expensive filters will offer significantly less performance