Shelyak Lhires Lite Spectrograph

The Lhires Lite spectroscope is based on Shelyaks own experience in scientifical animation. It has been specifically designed to be easy to use, robust, and without danger. It attaches directly on a photographic tripod (Kodak standard).

Lhires Lite is specially well adapted for the public. Show them the solar spectrum at his best: thousands lines are visible!

Show your public the solar spectrum like they have never seen. Sodium doublet is well split with forest of lines everywhere. Explain how the professional astronomers use the same technic to measure stellar composition, temperature, pressure...

A leaflet is provided with the Lhires Lite; it does provide some ideas of projects to conduct with this spectroscope

Some lines are identified and zoom around Sodium & Magnesium lines allow to better check those areas.

Lhires Lite slit is manufactured by Shelyak. It is a center piece for the quality of the spectrum obtained with the spectroscope.

Includes adjustable eyepiece holder

Everyone's eyes are not the same. This is why we are including an adjustable eyepiece with the Lhires Lite spectroscope. It is easy to use and well adapted for children.

The Lhires Lite spectroscope includes several scale's you can use to help identifying the lines either in the solar spectrum or spectral lamp. You can also create your own or use a blank paper for the students to draw the spectrum they see and compare with reference scales.

Includes handling case

Spectroscope is shipped in a quality handling case, including customed foam.