Astronomik CLS Light Pollution Filter (Not IR Blocked)

The Astronomik CLS filter is a broadband light pollution filter for both visual and imaging applications.

Due to the design of the transmission curve the filter reduces the sky background and emission nebulae,planetary nebulae as well as open clusters, globular clusters and galaxies are all much improved visually as well as with a CCD camera.

The Astronomik CLS blocks the emission of Hg and Na streetlights as well as all Skyglow-lines

All major emission lines from deep-sky objects are passed without surpression.

Loss of transmission and colour displacements, that are prevalent in other light pollution filters, occur with the CLS filter only at extreme fast focal ratios of F2 or faster.

Technical Specs:

High transmission of nearly 100% between 450nm and 530nm
transmission of 96% at H-alpha
total blocking of all unwanted light from light-pollution
the ideal all round filter for deep-sky observing, even with small scopes
completly resistant against high humidity and scratches
highest optical quality on the market