Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro

The HEQ5 Skyscan Pro has been specially designed as a high precision mount for both small and larger telescopes.

It features engraved setting circles, a latitude scale, built in pole finder telescope and a retractable counterweight shaft.

The worm gears are pre-loaded with ball bearings for smooth tracking and slewing.

The Skyscan goto controller has a 13,400 object database including complete Messier,NGC and IC catalogues. The positioning accuracy is up to 1 arc minute and the Skyscan has both an autoguider socket and periodic error correction (PEC) for imaging without having to manually or autoguide.

Ian's Thoughts:

The hEQ5 Pro like its larger brother the EQ6 pro has proven to be an excellent budget choice for astro imaging and it tracks and guides very well and reacts well to being used with an autoguider.

Technical Specs:

HEQ5 Pro Mount
2 x 5KG counterweights
Illuminated Pole finder scope
Retractable counterweight shaft
Complete with dovetail
Skyscan goto controller
heavy duty tubular metal tripod
High quality quiet stepper motors with 800x slewing and 0.144 arc second resolution.