Increasingly, astronomers are seeking to improve the portability and convenience of their imaging. ATIKbase is a small computer that can be mounted to your telescope to conveniently control cameras and other hardware from your portable devices.

The software is a collaboration with Ikarus Technologies to create a custom version of their highly regarded StellaMate system which gives the following abilities:

Manage everything from one interface.

Powerful image acquisition capability.


Support for internal and 3rd party guiding software.

Plate solving and high accuracy GoTo telescope control.

Imaging target suggestions.

Workflow automation.

In addition to the above features the ATIKbase goes further and provides some benefits that enhance the user experience:

Offline EKOS Live mode - To allow the StellaMate web interface running on mobile devices to control the imaging system without requiring access to the internet or VNC.

Runs directly from 12V - further to that, the device can distribute 12V power to other hardware including cameras and mount.

Includes a focus motor driver compatible with Robo focus, Moonlite or Lakeside motors to offer further integration.

An ST4 port is on board to enable guiding if the mount can not be connected to the USB ports.

Compatible with Atik Air.