William Optics RedCat 51 APO

Introducing the new William Optics Redcat 51 F4.9 refractor.

Featuring a Petzval flat field design with both FPL53 and 51 elements the RedCat 51 provides full frame coverage in an ultra portable and light weight form.

Ideal for widefield astrophotography and wildlife photography.

The Redcat 51 feaures a high quality helical focuser and typical William Optics premium fit and finish.

In addition the Redcat 51 features a reversible dovetail, a slot for 48mm filters and a graduated field rotator.

A built in bhatinov mask is also included together with a dual spec vixen compatible mounting base.

At F4.9 the Redcat provides excellent colour and field correction and is compatible with Full Frame and APS-C sized sensors.

It ships with a soft carry case and M48 camera mount.

Interchangeable T mounts for CanonEF, NikonF, Sony E,Pentax, Micro Four Thirds.

Click here for M48 T Mount Adaptors