Borg 107FL F3.9 ED Astrograph

Introducing the new Borg CF 107FL F3.9 Astrograph APO refractor.

Designed to be airline portable, the 107FL features a wide 55mm corrected circle to take in the largest sensors commonly available to todays astrophotographers, all in an airline friendly ultra portable package.

The 107FL is fitted with the Feathertouch FTF3215B-A rack and pinnion dual speed focuser which can be fitted with the Starlight Instruments motor focus system or our Lakeside Motor Focuser.

At F3.9 the 107FL is ultra fast and is an ideal match to todays high resolution CCD and CMOS sensors.

This is a very real alternative to the Takahashi FSQ106EDEX4. With Premium Canon made Fluorite optics the new 107FL.

** Current pricing is introductory only and in time will revert to 5230 at current exchange rates. Pricing will be reviewed at the end of 2018.**

Technical Specs:

BORG 107FL F3.9ED Specs
Aperture 107mm Canon fluorite
Lens Configuration 6 elements including one fluorite and one ED
Focal Length 420mm
F-ratio F3.9
Image Circle 55mm
Illumination 77% full frame / 68% 55mm diagonal sensor
Weight 4.3kg
Length 445mm
Tube Diameter 115mm
Back Focus 80.0mm (from M68.8/P0.75 female)
Focuser FTF3215B-A

Camera attachments
DSLR : 7000 + 5000 Series
Mirrorless : 7000 + 7921 + 7922 + 5000 series
ZWO/QHY : Various options
Pentax 645D/Fujifilm GFX/Phase One adapters will be available