ATIK Filter Offer - When Purchased with an ATIK CCD Camera

it has become clear that many face a significant problem with ensuring that all the products they purchase work together. We are constantly trying to develop and refine our products so that we provide reliable products with superior performance that is accessible to stargazers and astrophotgraphers. We have always sold cameras and filter wheels but up till now have not supplied filters, the good news is that Atik filters are now available, designed to be used with our hardware for your customers ease of use.

Two sets are available.
For the traditional Red Green Blue imaging with a mono camera. The luminance filter allows a luminance image to be taken without refocusing and also blocks the NIR region which can cause problems with refractors.

Narrow Band
This set comprises of the filters for the Hubble Palette, Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen III and Sulphur II. All at just 7nm band pass with 80% peak transmission and just 0.1% out of band.

Both sets are available in 2 mounted, 36mm unmounted and 1.25 mounted sizes

To launch the new Atik filter sets we are offering a special of 50% off either or both sets when purchased with any monochrome Atik camera (other than the GPS)