HiTec Astro Mount Hub Pro V4

HiTec Astro and IanKingImaging will be sharing a standt at the 2018 European Astrofest February 9th and 10th.
We will belaunching the first in a sequence of new and updated products. The first one is the long awaited Mount Hub Pro V4.

**We have a special launch offer with 100 off the first 5 units. The show price will be 399**

Check out the following features

- 4 PC controllable ports for power with current monitoring
- 3 dew ports (With EL Panel support on ports 1 and 2)
- Fully integrated USB hub with 6 USB 2.0 ports.
- Option to use temperature compensated stepper focuser or DC focus motor (selectable in software)
- Full software suite including ASCOM drivers.
- Inbuilt software timers and safety limit switches
plus lots more....
If you want to reserve one please contact us

See you at AstroFest 2018