William Optics FLT132 with 3.5" Feathertouch Focuser

The William Optics FLT 132 features an excellent FPL53 triplet lens that provides superb sharpness, contrast and colour correction.

In addition we are only supplying the version with the 3.5" Feathertouch Dual Speed rack and pinnion focuser. Simply the best focuser for this class of telescope.

The mechanical and cosmetic quality of this telescope is of a very high quality. The FLT 132 is both portable and versatile. It excelles both visually and as a photographic tool with the latest digital CMOS and CCD Cameras.

The package includes tube rings and a 2" adaptor. The Guidescope shown in not included as standard.

Technical Specs:


Focal Ratio:F/7

Focal Length:925mm

Objective Type:3 elements, Air-spaced, FPL-53

Resolving Power:0.86"

Limiting Magnitude:14.5

Image Circle:36mm

Lens Shade:Retractable (O.D. 168mm)

Focuser:3.5" Feathertouch Dual Speed Rack and Pinnion

1.25" Adapter:Brass Compression Rings

Tube Diameter:141mm

Tube Length:104cm (Fully Extended)
78cm (Fully Retracted)

Tube Weight:9kg

Case:High-quality Soft Case

Case Dimensions
(WxHxD):99cm x 34cm x 30cm