Officina Stellare RH200 Veloce MkII

The new RH200 MKII builds on the success of the original Veloce Riccardi-Honders design.

** Please Note we have had this telescope optically tested and aligned by one of the UK's most experienced optical testers. In summary the telescope is optically very good and a big improvement on the original RH200**

The optics have been improved and optimised for large field imaging with better quality even on small pixel cameras.

Thanks to the latest optical and mechanical design software used during development the RH200 MKII features a very stable focus position and minimal image shift during changes of temperature and improved collimation stability and mechanics.

Officina have added an innovative NANO coating to give better light transmision over a wider bandwidth range and amazing resistance to dust and moisture.

The new design dewshield avoids any unwanted stray light over at least a 42mm imaging circle.

The standard configuration features an athermal closed tube with removeable dew shield, unique and innovative cell design, back tip plate and new easy collimation system. A piggy back camera support is included, Losmandy Dovetail, Fine Focus manual focuser (can be motorised) and Cap cover.

All mechanical parts are produced using the finest materials available, such as lightweight aluminium/Ergal, stainless steel and bronce. The tube is CAD designed to achive the best rigidity and lightness.

High resistance anodizing is used for unbeatable resistance to environmental conditions.

The optical design includes a full aperture corrector plate together with back surface reflection primary mirror (Mangin) together with a 2 element flattener group situated before the focal plane. This provides a 42 mm (designed for 24x36 mm chips (42 mm diagonal), fully corrected field but also works with 36x36 mm chips (51 mm diagonal), with very little vignetting at the corner of the frame, easy to correct vith a proper flat field.

Technical Specs:

Optical Set: Riccardi-Honders, Flat Field Improved Design
Primary Mirror: Mangin 190mm
Front Corrector: 220mm Diameter
Focal Ratio: F3
Focal Length: 600mm
Linear Obstruction: 55%
Fully Illuminated and Corrected Field: 42mm@
Dimensions:L 248mm (419 with dew shield), W 252mm, H 282mm
Weight: 9kg
Back Focus Length from back plate: 115mm
Back Focus Length from full in standard focuser: 65mm
Spot Size: 9.4 micron at field edge