William Optics Zenithstar 61 APO

The new Zenithstar 61 from William Optics is an FPL53 doublet APO refractor that provides very good versatility in a small and portable package.

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With the dedicated Flattener 61 it is a superb little astrograph for DSLR or CCD Imaging or wildlife photography.

The FPL53 element offers a significant advantage over older FPL51 designs, the Zenithstar 61 has very good colour correction.

Each scope is tested by William Optics on their new 2017 Interferometer and star tested to ensure that WO's renowned high optical standards are maintained.

The 2" dual speed rack and pinion focuser is both strong and precise and can be motorised.

The Zenithstar 61 features an L Shaped mounting bracket, retractable dew shield.

A field flattener is available which offers a 43mm corrected circle for full format cameras.

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Technical Specs:

Aperture: 61mm
Focal Ratio: F/5.9
Focal Length: 360 mm
Limiting Magnitude: 10
Image Circle: Z61 41mm / Z61 with Flat 6
Objective: Type Synthetic Flourite FPL 53 Doublet, Air Spaced, APO
Fully Multi-Coated, SMC coating.
Lens Shade: Retractable
Focuser: 50.8mm(2) R&P Focuser with 1:10 Dual Speed micro focuser
75 mm Focuser Travel Length
Field Stops Baffles
Type of mount: Rotatable L Bracket
Diameters: Main Tube Diameter 75 mm / Dewshield Diameter 80mm
Tube Length: 230 mm Fully Retracted, 300 mm Fully Extended.
Tube Weight 1.45KG