Losmandy G11 GT Mount

The Losmandy G11 GT incudes all the standard features of the G11 but replaces the G11 RA Axis with the larger and stonger Titan RA Axis.

The Titan RA Axis is also available separately for customers who want to upgrade.

The two requirements are

RAEXK - RA Extension Kit
TRA-AXIS- Titan RA Axis
Use of the RAEXK allows you to split the mount and aids in portability

Instrument weight capacity is raised to 75lbs

Technical Specs:

All machined stainless steel and aluminum, black anodized.
Shafts, 1.968" diameter stainless steel tubing, .250" wall thickness.
Worm gears, 6.750" diameter, 270 tooth, 7075 aluminum - special coated.
Worms, precision ground brass
Single piece worm housing construction, double ended, ball bearing supported with adjustable preload.
Tracking: +/- 5 arc sec. or better.
Low temperature operation: 0 F
5.062" diameter needle thrust bearings.
3.500" diameter sealed ball bearings.
3.100" diameter sealed ball bearings for worm gear.
Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment, 12-70 degrees, large knob for easy alignment.
Laser engraved latitude scale in 2 degree increments.
Single knob azimuth control, bi-directional +/- 10 degrees, X/Y axis leveling bubbles.
Variable slip clutch, 6.0" diameter both axes, one knob design.
360 degree DEC. axis rotation. Allowing for continuous photographing through the meridian
Fully enclosed R.A. and DEC. worm and worm gear.
Photographic instrument weight capacity 75 lbs.
Equatorial Head weight 62 lbs. Breaks down into R.A. 44 lbs. & DEC. 18 lbs.
Removable counterweight shaft with safety stop, 1.25" diameter.
Includes one 21 lb weights.
Split dovetail saddle plate design, Losmandy style 1.00" X 6.00" X 8.00"
Dovetail plate drops in and locks allowing for interchanging of any tube assembly - reduces the need for DEC. weights.
Accepts all "D" series dovetail plates.
7 lb and 11 lb extra counterweights available
Off axis polar scope, works in Northern and Southern hemisphere. (Polar scope optional.)