HiTec Astro Weather Deluxe Cloud Sensor

HitecWeather deluxe is a fully featured cloud sensor with integrated ambient and rain sensor.
Utilising an RS232 connection allows a much longer cable run than is possible with USB.  The unit is
designed to be located outdoors permanently so you never need to miss a clear sky again.
HitecWeather Deluxe comes with a comprehensive software suite containing advanced features not
found on competing products.  Just some of these features are listed below;
• Sensor parameters are fully adjustable to suit your location and climate.
• RS232 cable allows unit to be located up to 150ft from the host PC.
• Power and signal are provided through a single cable.
• E‐Mail alerts are fully configurable so you get the information you need when you need it.  
• Astronomical calculations are done on the fly to allow factors such as twilight and moonlight
to be factored into your observing decisions.  This removes the need for a light sensor.
• Separate and highly accurate ambient temperature sensor is located outside the box so as
not to be affected by electronic heat.
• Rain sensor will alert you at the first drop of rain potentially saving you a lot of money
should a sudden rain shower pass over. Rain sensor integrates a controllable inbuilt heater
to avoid false alarms caused by dew or fros