ATIK 16200 Large Format CCD Camera

New Atik 16200 Camera with large KAF-16200 sensor. Mono cameras available for shipping in December, colour cameras early 2017.
It is easy to think of the 16200 as a supercharged 8300, but its much, much more.

The huge APS-H size sensor (35mm diagonal) provides an incredible mix of high resolution and sensor real estate, and it's 6 μm pixels make it suitable for use with a range of telescopes. All at a price much more accessible than KAF-11002 and KAF-16803 based cameras.

Features include a sealed, argon-purged, CCD chamber, dual-stage Peltier cooler and powerful heatsink for optimum cooling. With this new camera Atik have achieved their lowest delta, at -45C typical, and a whopping -50C max!

The camera also features new bespoke, high quality electronics that deliver a read noise of just 9e- typical and a high end blade shutter for consistent, reliable, performance over the cameras life span.

Weight is only 1.3 kg, much lower than other cameras currently available in this class.

Technical Specs:

Technical Specification

Sensor Type: CCD - KAF-16200
Horizontal Resolution: 4499 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 3599 pixels
Pixel Size: 6 m x 6 m
ADC: 16 bit
Readout Noise: 9e- typical value
Gain Factor: 0.6e-/ ADU
Full Well: ~40,000e-
Dark Current: >0.25 electrons/second at 0C
Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
Power: 12v DC 2.5A
Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length: 200 ms
Cooling: Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-50C
Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
Backfocus: 19.5mm 0.5
Available as mono or colour

System Requirements

Pentium III PC with 128MB RAM
Windows 10/Vista/Win7/Win8 (not RT)
CD-ROM drive
USB 2.0 port