Starlight Xpress Maxi Wheel

The new SX 'Maxi wheel' with 9 x 2 inch filter carousel and OAG!

SX launch a new large format filter wheel, primarily intended for use with the SX-35 and 36, but also suitable for smaller chip cameras where 5 filter positions is not sufficient. The standard carousel holds 9 unmounted 2 inch filters, but other options arevavailable, including 7 x 2 inch square, 11 x 36mm and 11 x 1.25" threaded.

The standard input and output adaptors are M72 x 1 mm (male and female), but 68 x 1 mm is also available. A 'Universal' adaptor is also an option. This adaptor allows any of our standard wheel rings to be used with the Maxi wheel, so that, for example, a T2 thread camera can be attached.