Starlight Xpress TRIUS 825 Mono and Colour CCD Camera

We are pleased to announce the two new additions to the Trius family,the Trius SX-825 and the Trius SX-825C.

A key feature of the new cameras design is the introduction of the new ICX825 ExView2 CCD from Sony (with 1.447.680 x 6.45uM pixels in a 9
x 6.7mm array.) with an amazing 77% QE and ultra-low dark current, which means that dark frames are now totally redundant, especially with the amazing -55C (below ambient) cooling.

It also means that the camera has no need of heavy cooling fins, or water-cooling pipes and mess.

With very high QE, including very high Ha QE, and ultra low noise the TRIUS 825 is one of the most sensitive camera's available to amateur astronomers and with its 6.45 micron pixels is a genuine dual purpose camera capable of taking sharp images with small refractors but equally at home when used with larger aperture much longer focal length telescopes.

With the Argon filled CCD chamber and built-in USB2.0 3-port hub, this is truly an outstanding astronomy camera.

The Trius SX-825 is available now.

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX825
Horizontal Resolution 1392 pixels
Vertical Resolution 1040 pixels
Pixel Size 6.45 M x 6.45 M
ADC 16 bit
Cooing - -50 Degrees C below Ambient
Back Focus - 17.5mm