QSI 6120 12MP CCD Camera

The new QSI 6120 camera features a Sony next generation sensor with peak 77% QE.

Available with 5 or 8 position internal filter wheels and the option of an integrated Off Axis Guider the QSI 6120 follows the same format as the other highly successful QSI 600 Series camera's.

The 12mp SOny sensor features ultra low noise. with typical read nosie of around 2 electrons for decent dynamic range.

The 12mp sensor measures 12.5mm x 10mm and features The 4250x2838 3.1 micron pixels.

This camera is ideally suited for high resolution imaging with short focal lengths and fast focal ratio's.

The QSI 6120wsg is available with an Integrated Guider Port (IGP) allowing astronomers to guide using the light from the main telescope while picking off the light from the guide star in front of the filters.

Technical Specs:

12 megapixel Sony ICX834 sensor
3.1m pixel provides high resolution
High Speed USB 2.0 and read rates up to 8 MHz
2-Stage TEC w/ cooling to 40C below ambient
Electronic shutter w/ exposures to 100sec
Available mechanical shutter
Available 5 or 8-position color filter wheel
Available Secondary Viewing Port>>
Broad Software support
ASCOM-compatible Windows COM API
Linux drivers and API