Atik One 9.0 Mono camera with integrated filter wheel

The new Atik One 9.0 with its integrated 5-position filter wheel, USB hub and power socket is essentially an Atik One 6.0 with a higher resolution 9MP ICX814ALG Sony EXview II CCD. This means it has the same remarkable QE as the Atik One 6.0, but smaller pixels.

In this instance smaller pixels can be a bonus because it makes the Atik One 9.0 a very flexible camera.

For example, when using a 4 f/6 refractor with 620mm focal length, sampling will be at 1.2 arc-sec/pixel. Which is good! And using a 10 SCT at f/6.3, binned 2x2, you get 0.97 arcsec/pixel! M106 will fit nicely in the FOV and M82 wont be a little blob on the middle of the frame, and you will still achieve over 2MP image size.

This makes the Atik One 9.0 is an excellent choice for someone imaging with multiple telescopes and focal lengths.

New CCD chamber design, purged with high purity Argon gas - so no condensation and optimum thermal insulation.
Integral 5-position integrated filter wheel with mechanical roller for precise filter placement - ensures the highest levels of reproducibility.
Filter wheel is natively controlled from Atiks own software or via 3rd party programs using the Ascom driver.
Includes a tool for easy filter loading without opening the camera.
Integral USB 2.0 hub and power port for accessories - reduces cable clutter.
Enhanced cooler, capable of reaching a stable -38C below ambient.
Two 1/4 tripod mounting holes provide more options for mounting the camera and accessories.
Includes the acclaimed Artemis Capture software for camera control, autoguiding and sequencing. And as an Atik camera owner, all future upgrades to the software will be totally free!

The Atik One series are some of the finest scientific grade CCD cameras available in their class.

It is also available as a kit, with the OAG and Atik GP guider.

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX814
Horizontal Resolution 3380 pixels
Vertical Resolution 2704 pixels
Pixel Size 3.69 M x 3.69 M
ADC 16 bit
Readout Noise 5e- typical value
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed, with embedded hub
Power 12v DC 2A
Maximum Exposure Length Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length 1/1000 s
Cooling Termoelectric set point with max ΔT=-38C
Weight approx. 900 gr
Backfocus ~27mm