Avalon Instruments M-Zero Equatorial-Altazimuth Single-Arm mount with Fast-Reverse technology

The new M-Zero single-arm mount by Avalon Instruments has been designed to revolutionize the world of portable astronomy with both the style and function that Avalon Instruments is known for.

Made entirely from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware, the low weight and high quality of this mount make it the ideal companion for travelling observers and astro-photographers.

The great versatility and compact size combined with Avalon’s unmistakable style, allows the M-Zero to get you to a level where the competition stops.

M-Zero is four mounts in one: Standard Equatorial but with no meridian  flip, Altazimuth
for astronomical use & a time-lapse platform for
panoramic pictures, all with only 10 kg of total weight (including the brand new T-Pod 90) and 8 kg loading capacity.

The brand new StarGo GoTo-System features several exclusive functions, the innovative Fast-Reverse
technology (belt drive system) and the top-quality
construction allows high level performance and auto-guided long-exposure astrophotography without time limits – even with telescopes with focal length up to 2m, (8" SCT & 8" RC).

The Avalon StarGo GoTo-System has been totally designed and manufactured by Avalon to meet all needs, from the beginner to the professional photographer.

StarGo - The Avalon Mounts are well known for their capability to drive the carried telescopes with extreme precision. This characteristic is due to two factors:

The first is the use of toothed belts for the motion transmission, combined with the precision and strength of CNC machined components;

The second is the use of a proprietary control system, fully developed by Avalon Instruments, capable of supplying the mount with all the needed intelligence to perform all the required operations for high performance use in visual observations but, mainly during long exposure astrophotographic Use.

The latter function is performed by the StarGO control system. It is composed of a number of main components:

1. It performs all the communications with specific components (Focuser, CCD rotator, DSLR camera, and other auxiliary devices) using direct connections and with Windows and Mac computers via USB. The wireless Bluetooth capability is also integrated in the control box to interact with intelligent devices such smartphones, tablets and, again with Windows and Mac computers.
2. The StarGO Keypad to physically command the mount and perform almost all the available and most needed operations on it.
3. The StarGO software, entirely written by Avalon Instruments, allows the Stargo to perform with a computer, all the setup and management operations, including the control of numerous external devices that can be connected to the control box, in addition to the same control operations performed by the StarGO keypad.

In Equatorial mode the M-Zero does a
meridian flip and relatively long
tubes can be used as well.

In fork mode no meridian flip is necessary.

It can also quickly be set in Altazimuth
mode for observation with large telescopes and binoculars or to acquire automatic time-lapse sequences.

More exclusive functions will be available with
StarGo firmware updates that can easily be updated by PC.

**Includes Softcase for both M-Zero and T60 Tripod.**

Technical Specs:

• Single-Arm Equatorial & Altazimuth
• Fast-Reverse technology (belt drive system)
• No backlash and no maintenance
• Total mount weight 5,5 kg
• Max. load capacity for photographic use: 8 kg
• Max. load capacity for visual use: 10 kg
• Hand control for manual use
• Bluetooth connection from smartphones and tablets
• Virtual hand control from smartphones and tablets
• PC control ASCOM compatible
• Autoguide port ST4
• Baader Steedrive port
• Time-lapse control port for DSLR camers
• Two Aux ports for motors and Filterwheels
• 12V DC power supply 0,5A