Paramount MEII

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Bigger, Stronger: The Paramount ME II

More robust in every way, the Paramount ME II has a remarkable weight capacity of 240 pounds while weighing in at a moderate and manageable 84 pounds. Increased bearing size, a larger counterweight shaft diameter and, of course, a far greater weight capacity make the ME II a more heavy duty follow up to the legendary Paramount ME.

As expected with every Software Bisque, the ME II is strong and smart. Borrowing from the MX mount design, you can now run you equipment cables through the mount - with no disassembly required. The instrument panel also includes 2 USB ports so you're sure to be able to connect your guiding accessories with ease.

Always striving for perfection, the Paramount MEII's belt driven motors are nearly backlash-free. A maximum of 7 arc seconds of periodic error, before correction, provide remarkable slewing accuracy and clutch-less gears maintains T-Point's pointing accuracy.

The brawnier brother to the Paramount ME, the ME II features a more robust frame while retaining the accuracy and performance you expect from a Software Bisque mount.

Features 8" RA and declination bearings machined into the gears for strength and a smooth ride.

Belt-driven gears are virtually backlash-free.

Maximum of 7 arc seconds of periodic error before correction.

Easily run your wires through the mount, no disassembly required!

Includes 2 USB ports on the instrument panel to attach your accessories.

The Software Bisque Paramount ME II weight capacity is 240 lbs.

Paramount - still at the fore front of Astro Imaging and robotic operation.

Technical Specs:

Head Design Equatorial
Tripod Included? No
GPS Included? No
Electronics Included Computerized - GoTo
Manufacturer Software Bisque
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Legs Include Quick Release? No
Accessory Tray Included? No