Altair Wave Series 102mm F7 Super ED Triplet APO (102/715)

The Altair Astro Wave Series 102mm f715mm Super ED Triplet APO is a highly specified refractor, offering premium class visual or imaging performance. This telescope is a natural choice for customers wanting the best possible optical performance in a portable package, and has attracted rave reviews from our customers, as well as a very positive review in Astronomy Now Magazine where it was thoroughly tested in visual observing mode and imaging mode, with the optional Planostar dedicated flattener. With smaller dimensions than the famous Altair 115mm Triplet APO, the 102mm is slightly more practical, offering more portability and compactness.

What's included?
Altair 102 ED Triplet telescope optical tube with serial number engraved on the lens
Optical test report corresponding to the serial number
Telescope tube rings
Vixen-format 1.75" dovetail bar
New CNC machined dual speed "Rack 'n Pinion" focuser with self-centering 2" pushfit adapter and Teflon tipped rotator
2" to 1.25" Self centering adapter
Front metal objective cap
1.25" plastic rear insert cap
a "free" foam filled transport case

NEW 2014 Version includes a lighter weight OTA and a light weight dual-speed "Rack 'n Pinion" focuser, Teflon-tipped adjustable rotator, CNC machined internal knife edge baffles, and a self centering 2" rear adapter, and even a 2" to 1.25" self centering adapter with brass compression ring (sold by some companies for 50 on it's own!). Optional Field flatteners can be attached directly by unscrewing the self centering rear assembly and removing it from the focuser.

What makes the Wave Series different from other refractors of similar specification? Every single Wave Series scope has been tested individually and signed off on it's optical quality before shipping. A test report is provided with each scope and each scope as a serial number engraved on the lens cell corresponding to that test report. This teting is done by an optical lab employed by Altair, and the results are nothing short of spectacular, as witnessed by customers. Altair usually takes the top 10% of any glass production run from their suppliers, then tests each scope a second time before the lens cell is assembled and collimated with serial number engraved on the lens cell, and we pay extra for this service. That is why we are confident enough to provide an optical test report with each Wave Series telescope. Altair call this "grade 4 optics". Altair never source sub-standard or rejected optics, and any optics which do not meet criteria are sent back to the supplier without a serial number. Altair always purchase the highest grade of glass available for each production run, to differentiate their product in the market. What's more, Altair guarantees your Wave Series telescope will arrive in perfect collimation, and will always ship them using a fully insured professional courier service, so your telescope is guaranteed to arrive ready for you to enjoy.

The Altair 102-715 EDT is the ideal multi-purpose telescope platform, suited for the amateur astronomer interested in both visual and imaging use, and offering excellent performance in both areas. It offers a wide-field or a high power view, and is therefore more than a reflector, enabling high contrast views of both planets and wide field deep sky objects.

and crafted optics: Your 102-715 Super ED Triplet APO optics are hand figured at the final stages of production and repeatedly tested until signed off by the optician in charge. The best quality Ohara SFPL-53 glass is used in the ED element, which has an Abbe number of 94.94 plus or minus .01 per batch. SFPL-53 is referred to as Synthetic Fluorite or Super ED. Fluorite crystal by comparison is 94.99 with slightly more variation from batch-to-batch, and less stable chemical, thermal and physical properties. Each lens cell has a serial number, guaranteeing it's originality as a genuine Altair Astro optic. Working closely with our contractors, we have introduced a second and unique quality assurance process for all Wave Series lenses, to ensure the highest quality and lowest chromatic aberration. These lenses are extensively modified, and perform far in excess of normal production quality lenses. Star tests speak for themselves, and colour correction on images is the best in it's class, as can be seen from the various images taken with the Wave Series refractors - with blue stars in particular. A laser interferometer image in 532nm green light is included with your telescope. This is the final test image created once the optician has completed your unique objective, and stands as a certificate of quality attained by Altair Astro's unique second-tier production process.

Optional Altair PLANOSTAR 3" Field flattener for astro-imaging: A optional, dedicated large format field flattener is available separately with this telescope package for use with CCD imaging chips. The large format 3" field flattener screws directly to the rear of the focuser (the 2" push-fit adapter can be removed) to reduce flex in the imaging train with threaded-only connections, resulting in tighter star images, and sharper images. A conical rear adapter with an M48 rear thread is included, and the correct spacing for Nikon or Canon EOS DSLR cameras can be obtained with the special Altair Astro low profile Canon DLSR adapter, or the standard Skywatcher Nikon M48 DSLR adapter. If you have a CCD camera, our variable M48 spacers can be used to get the right distance to the CDD chip. (See associated products below for the Altair Planostar 3" field flattener).

3" Focuser for astro-imaging: The large format rotating 3" CNC machined focuser offers a rigid and stable platform for imaging use. The pushfit adapter accepts all 2" accessories for visual use, such as star diagonals. It features 3x clamps, and a brass compression ring, offering increased rigidity compared to single screw designs. The focuser can be fully automated and motorised within minutes with the optional USBnStep motor focusing systems we offer separately. We are currently testing an optional Starlight Feathertouch focuser is also now available to fit the Altair 102-715 and Altair 130-905 EDT APOs which all use the same focuser. Our USB nStep motor focuser unit is also offered with adapter set to fit the Starlight Feathertouch 3" focuser available separately. Please enquire as to pricing and availability for these options.

Technical Specs:

ltair 102mm f715 EDT APO specification:
NEW Dual speed Rack and Pinion Focuser (360 degree rotation) with 1:10 ratio micro focuser knob.
Aperture - 102mm, focal length f715mm
Resolution - 1.01 arc seconds
Limiting Visual Magnitude - 11.1
Highest Useful Magnification - 230x (atmospheric conditions permitting)
Air spaced ED triplet APO lens featuring an Ohara FPL-53 element
Fully multi coated on all optical surfaces for high transmission
Aluminium with white stardust paint
Retractable, lockable dew shield
Optional 60mm Deluxe right angled finder scope with illuminated reticule
CNC machined tube rings compatible with Altair TMS
Vixen format dovetail plate
2" adapter with brass compression ring and two clamping screws
Tube Weight - approx. 5.0 kg (with new lighter focuser(
Length - with dew shield retracted approx. 615mm
FREE Flight Case included. (Please note that the case is "free", and its designed to protect the telescope during shipping. We will not be able to repair cases which are scratched or dented or have absorbed knocks, because it isn't economically feasible. To put it another way we consider the case to be expensive packaging to protect the optics, and if its dented, then its doing its job. We do of course guarantee that the telescope arrives in perfect working order, and delivery is fully insured by courier!).