Avalon Instruments Linear Fast Reverse Equatorial Mounting with StarGo Controller

The Linear Fast Reverse is an exciting and innovative new mount for high precision astro photography.

It is made in Italy by DAL SASSO Srl, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of high precision mechanics and marketed with the AVALON INSTRUMENTS trademark.

The Linear mount design has abandoned the traditional worm and gear arrangement in favour of a new transmission system based on pulleys and tooth belts, for both right ascension and declination.

This belt driven design produces various benefits over the traditional geared designs including

Very consistent motion, without play and the sudden peaks associated with traditional mounts, these are factors that are of particular importance for long exposure deep sky astro imaging.

Traditional mounts always suffer from backlash to a greater or lesser extent particularly in the declination axis The Linear Belt driven transmission system can now quickly reverse the Declination motion, without any backlash
This is the reason for the name: FAST REVERSE.

It is worthwhile stressing that, since the motion transmission in traditional gear-worm systems have just one contact point, any error on each of the two components will, sooner or later, result in tracking errors.

However, with the pulley-tooth belt system, no direct contact occurs and the motion is transmitted by the belt working with some 50% to 90% of the girth surface. Consequently, any errors are balanced among the cogs, and are lower in amplitude with respect to the geared ones.

No wear, No Friction.

No wearing effects will occur since no friction occurs amongst the various parts. In fact, the pulleys and the axes rotate on roller bearings, 13 for the right ascension, 12 for the declination.
The tooth belts are the same as used in car engines (with steel core), which are designed to work for 100.000 Km at an average speed of 2000 rpm, facing a 0-100C thermal range in a few minutes. Compared to that, the stress supported by the belts working on these mounts is extremely low guaranteeing almost eternal life !

The Linear Fast Reverse is a German Equatorial mount design with a load bearing capacity of up to 20kg for astro imaging. It is perfect for telescopes such as the popular Celestron and Meade SCT,ACF and Edge HD designs up to 11" of aperture. It is also a very good choice for up to 6" refractors and 10" Ritchey Chretien designs.

The mount has bveen extensively tested with up to 3m focal length instruments and has proven to give reliable pin point tracking over very long sub exposure lengths.

The mount as standard comes equipped with a Pier Top Adaptor.

The Star Go has been designed and built by Avalon primarily for their own mounts but thanks to the programmable Gear Ratio and the special motor kit, it may be easily used also in different mounts from other companies.

The StarGO software, entirely written and compiled by Avalon Instruments, uses a computer to perform all the setup and management operations, including the control of various external equipment that can be connected to the control box. It is also able to control all the same control operations performed by the StarGO keypad.

The StarGO-BT application for Android devices that allows the user to interface them with the StarGO control box via a Bluetooth connection. With this application the Android devices become the perfect intelligent control pad. This application, as well as the PC StarGO, is under continuous development to add new functionalities.

From January 2016 a full wireless wifi version of the StarGo controller will be available. Allowing wirelss control via a standard broad band router/wifi.

In addition comes equipped with Pole Finder Telescope and Losmandy compatible Saddle Plate

The Linear Fast Reverse is a highly accurate and portable mount which can handle long focal length scopes easily in the field as well as in the observatory and provide the tracking precision necessary for round pinpoint stars even at the sampling rates of under 1 arc second per pixel typical with 2m or longer focal length telescopes.

Technical Specs:


Linear Fast Reverse Mount - Weight 12kg
6kg Stainless Steel Counterweight
Pole Finder Telescope
Losmandy Saddle Plate
Pier Top Adaptor
Load Bearing Capacity - 20kg for Imaging - 25kg for visual