Altair TMS Losmandy Saddle Plate

**Please Note Our Prices Include Carriage**

This is a Losmandy Saddle Plate which will carry SCT OTAs up to 14".

It's compatible with the Losmandy (USA) wide format mounting plates. The "LSP" is also modular, and compatible with the rest of the blue anodised Altair TMS Telescope Mounting System accessory range - for example it can be bolted directly to the Altair Losmandy plates for a side-by-side setup.

Feature Summary:

•Can be bolted directly to Altair 250mm or 350mm Losmandy dovetail plates for mounting dual telescopes side-by-side, so you don't need to buy another purpose built side-by-side bar.

•Fits US format wide Losmandy style dovetail plates.

•Fits EQ6, HEQ5, EQ5 or iOptron Minitower mounts with the appropriate Adapter Puck.

•Easy tip-in saddle with chamfered edges for safe & easy use.

•No sharp edges so you get to keep your fingers.

•Holes for Losmandy-direct mounting & Takahashi 35mm Spaced M8.

•Self registering clamp, over-engineered to hold larger OTAs.

•Precision CNC machined locally and blue hard anodised to match the Altair TMS hardware range.

Altair Losmandy Saddle Plate Detailed Features:

•Compatible with Far East and US telescope mounts, including iOptron Minitower with the appropriate adapter. The most compatible and modular system on the market bar none.

•Safe and easy "tip in" saddle lets you place your telescope quickly and easily while tightening up the clamps with your other hand. This avoids that awkward struggle in the dark, while you try to hold onto a damp slippery telescope, while carefully lining up a saddle plate which will only go in from the end. Based on feedback and requests from several customers who have nearly dropped their telescopes!

•Chamfered edges to make it even easier to get a heavy OTA placed securely, before tightening the clamps with your other hand.

•Heavy duty hard anodised star knobs, custom-machined for a positive grip (we tested several iterations). The knobs have a nylon washer to stop binding, making them easier to undo if over-tightened.

•Heavy duty spring loaded clamp with Stainless Steel M8 threads (unlike cheap chromed, or zinc plated threads which corrode after a few months as the coating flakes away).

•Looks great in hard anodised "Altair Blue" to match the rest of the TMS range. What's more, we haven't compromised on quality, function dictates form, not the other way round.

•No sharp edges or poor machining.

•The clamp has it's own "self registering" machined guides, unlike inferior makes where the thread alone takes most of the strain.

•The right level of quality at the right price - try adding up everything you need and bearing versaility in mind when comparing to other makes.

•Readily available and made locally in the UK. That means we have complete control over quality.

Mount compatibility:

•With the addition of an Altair TMS Equatorial mount adapter puck, the LSP will also fit the Synta/Skywatcher/Orion USA EQ6, H-EQ5 and EQ5 mounts too.

•Fits the iOptron Minitower mount range with the appropriate adapters.

•The Altair LSP bolts directly to the Losmandy G11 Equatorial Mount, replacing the factory saddle plate, a very popular upgrade.

•It also has a pair of standard M8 "Takahashi" style holes on the base with 35mm separation, enabling the Universal Saddle Plate to be mounted on the William Optics Easytouch and numerous other mounts, including Takahashi with the appropriate Tak adapter puck.
Many different combinations are possible using the TMS. In the example below, an 8" F4 Imaging Newtonian telescope is carried next to a 102mm refractor which has a guidescope piggbacked on top. (Note this is just a demo - not all EQ6 mounts can track accurately with this load, in fact, this mount has been tweaked). The foundation of the setup is the EQ6 Puck which is bolted to the heavy duty Universal Saddle Plate (USP). This supports an LDP-350 (350mm Losmandy Dovetail Plate), which can be moved from side to side to achieve balance. The 8" F4 Imaging Newtonian telescope is carried on a VDB-250 (250mm Vixen Dovetail Bar) is held in a lightweight VDC (Vixen Dovetail Clamp), which is in turn bolted directly to one end of the LDP-350. On the opposite side, an LDP-180 (180mm Losmandy Dovetail Plate) is used to mount a 102mm refractor, which in turn has a GSR-120 (120mm Guide Scope Rings) on top of it "piggyback" style, to carry a 70mm guide scope. To attach the guidescope rings, an additional LDP-180 is flipped over, and bolted to the top side of the refractor tube rings via the standard M6 refractor hole pattern. The guide scope rings are then bolted to the underside of the LDP-180.

Please note: If you have an EQ6 mount and require a puck please choose from the options list below. There are two types of puck. Post Sept 08 mounts have the "N" version new puck (NEQPUCK) with a conical hourglass profile. Pre Sept 08 mounts require the normal puck (EQPUCK) with a straight profile, and side indentations for the mount grub screws. By removing the 3x grub screws surrounding the clamp on your mount and having a look at base of the factory clamp, you should be able to tell which you require.