Altair Skyshed Observatory Pier 8" OD

The Altair SkyShed Pier is a revolutionary design. It's made of rock solid 6mm thick powder coated steel, and is height adjustable from 37-42 inches - which is the optimum size range for small or large SCT's, or long refractors on an EQ mount. Now with free UK delivery.

Why a pier? It's ultra-stable, and you don't have to keep re-aligning your telescope mount every time you use it. It can be quickly and conveniently moved if you move observing locations, and it's a must-have if you have an observatory, creating loads of space around the telescope - no more bumping into tripod legs in the dark, and ruining a good imaging run.

Why the Altair/SkyShed Pier design? It's the easiest pier to install, period, and the special adjustable pier-head saves you set-up time. Pier levelling and rotation can be adjusted AFTER installation on the base! (This is the most innovative pier on the market and the first to sport this feature). It's for customers who appreciate a good quality finish, and a nicely made product due to laser cut steel, and a beautiful gloss "automative grade" powder coated finish. No spraypaint, no drips, no single coat spraypaint finish which will chip off and corrode, and no slapdash welding.

What's the benefit of post-installation adjustment? The pier head can be locked in any position, at any time. That means there's no need for perfect North alignment of the base bolts, and even if you get the base levelling slightly wrong, you can still ensure your mount is perfectly upright and aligned North/South. That means you don't have to be a DIY expert to install it!

What comes in the box? We provide you with a plywood template for the base and L-bolts and nuts, if you're going to pour your own concrete. (Click on the image for step by step photos). If you want to install the pier on an existing flat surface, we provide 4x straight bolts instead. All you'll need is a drill and a tube of builder's epoxy to complete installation.

How do I attach my telescope? The pier is pre-drilled with 6x holes which fit our CNC machined aluminium Pier adapters for the Celestron CG5, Skywatcher EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6 German equatorial mounts (click on the image, or click the Related products tab below). Installing a mount and adapter takes a few minutes. You can also easily drill the 13" dia. top plate with a normal drill with metal bit, to accommodate your Meade or Celestron Wedge, a Losmandy Pier adapter. Finally, you can bolt certain mounts directly to the top plate, such as some Astro Physics mounts.

**Please note there is a delivery charge for this item. Please contact for delivery quote**

Technical Specs:

•A original and innovative design!
•Free UK delivery (except for northern Scotland, which attracts a £30 additional fee).

•Can be adjusted in levelling and rotation AFTER installation.
•8 inches in diameter adjustable in height from 36-38 inches (optimum size range for small or large SCT's, or long refractors on an EQ mount).

•6mm Powder Coated steel throughout for extreme rigidity, yet relatively light weight.
•Powder coated laser-cut steel for a crisp finish. (Another first).
•Large, flat 13" Dia baseplate, for easy access to the base bolts, with four perimeter fins.
•4x massive 16mm bolts support the top pier plate.
•Pre-drilled for classic Meade and Celestron Fork mounts.
•Adapters available for most mounts, CGEM, EQ6, HEQ5, even EQ5.
(Search for "pier adapter EQ6" for example).
•Suitable for up to 14" Cassegrains and heavy duty mounts. (Call for larger custom sizes).

•Hole in base and cap for neater hidden power cables.

•Perfect for any observatory, including the Skyshed POD.
•Can be filled with sand (in bags) to dampen vibration even further.
•We provide "L-bolts" if you're pouring concrete, or "straight" bolts, enabling you to drill holes in an existing surface - such as a concrete pad. Just let us know which you prefer.
•Can be shortened easily if needed - just cut the top off the tube with a bandsaw or plasma cutter. Your local metal shop or even garage can do it in minutes. Alternatively, place a special order with us.

•L-Bolts or straight bolts included.
•Usually in stock in standard length.
•A crisp, tough high quality powdercoated finish, with neat welds, which will last many, many years.

•The SkyShed/Altair pier is the worlds best selling pier design. Over 6 years in production, much imitated, never equalled.