ATIK Titan Dual Purpose CCD Camera

The Titan is the exciting new dual purpose cooled CCD camera from ATIK.

It features a cooled Sony ICX 424 659 x 494 Sensor that can also operate at 15 frames per second in high speed mode.

The high frame rate gives the imager the opportunity to capture fleeting moments of high quality seeing and combined with the 16 bit digitisation and very low nosie will provide excellent lunar and planetary imaging.

Conversely the -20 degrees C cooling and high sensitivity of the Sony 424 sensor coupleed with very low (5e) read noise makes this camera a very capable deep sky tool capable of very long and dep exposures.

In addition the Titan would also make an ultra fast autoguider.

Included is the full featured Dawn software for image processing and camera control/image aquisition.

Available in colour or monochrome

Technical Specs:

Sensor: Sony ICX 424
Resolution: 659 x 494
Pixel Size: 7.4um
ADC: 16 Bit
Readout Noise: 5e
Interface: USB
Power: 12vdc .55amps
Cooling: Thermoelectric -20 degrees C
Weight: 350g
Guide Port: ST-4 Compatible