IC Astronomy

Ian King February 2019, 1 February, 2019

Have you ever fancied moving your imaging rig out to a true dark sky location where there are typically 200 to 240 clear nights per year?

At IC Astronomy we offer a very competitive hosting solution.

Our new 3 observatory complex will be fully operational by the end of February 2019. Located in Almeria at an altitude of just under 4000 feet the observatory benefits from wonderful dark skies, excellent seeing and very low humidity. We chose this location due to its proximity to the Spanish Calar Alto Observatory. Conditions are amongst the best in Spain and superior to other lower altitude locations.

The observatory and workshop complex in January 2019 under construction.

IC astronomy is owned by Colin Cooper and Ian King. We have a dedicated team of expert astro imagers permanently onsite to install and maintain your equipment and provide technical support and back up.

We can even offer onsite training.

The hosting charge is 300 per month for scopes up to 18" of aperture. There may be an additional charge for larger than 18" aperture scopes depending on physical size.

We will set up your imaging rig , connect it to the Internet and supply Remote Desktop Software to allow you to easily control the fully robotic system from home. With Sequencing programs like CCD Autopilot and Sequence Generator Pro it is simple to set up robotic imaging sessions. We allocate each customer a Drop Box into which all their data is automatically transferred. Thus you are able to take advantage of every clear night and record huge amounts of data.

In summer 2019 we will be opening a second observatory complex in the same region of Spain located approx 45 minutes journey from our main Oria Observatory.

IC Astronomy Website Showing Old Location Prior to relocation to Almeria