Imaging on La Palma

John Mills, 14 November, 2018


Do you ever get frustrated with the low number of clear nights in the UK or
the effort and cost involved of bringing over your telescope/mount
for an 'astro' holiday overseas has put you off?

The night sky above La Palma is one of the best in the world and these
days there are direct flights from either Manchester or Gatwick. The
flight time being about 4 hours.

Airline excess baggages charges (excuse the pun) can be 'Astronomical'
these days. To save all the hassle and expense of bringing over heavy
equipment, I can offer these options:

Genesis in EQ6


A Meade Classic 10" f/10 SCT is available for hire at 25 a day.

It comes with an equatorial wedge, f/6.3 F/R, a motorised micro-focuser
and with a selection of TeleVue eyepieces. For those wish to do imaging,
there is also a frame available which mounts onto the OTA for holding a
guide scope. I can supply a guide scope at no extra cost, but not a
guide camera.


A Skywatcher EQ6 Pro mount with Synscan handset (for those wishing to
bring over their own telescope) at 25 a day.


The skywatcher EQ6 Pro mount plus either a 4" f/5 TeleVue Genesis fluorite
refractor or a William Optics ZS66 (f/5.9) APO. There is also a x0.8
field flattener which comes with that. The hire price being 30 a day.

For those wishing to do guided imaging with the TeleVue Genesis, I also have
a Vixen F/11 guide scope which can be mounted above the Genesis (see
photo) which I will supply at no extra cost. NB. there is no motorised
focuser on the Genesis these days or on the WO ZS66.

So - just bring over your camera(s), your laptop and observe or image from
one of the finest night skies on the planet!

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