Avalon Linear Fast Reverse Mounting

Ian King, 30 April, 2013

After using the Avalon M-Uno for the past year I decided to give the more conventional Avalon Linear mount a try.

The Linear features the same all belt driven drive system as the M-Uno but in a more conventional German Equatorial Mount design.

The Linear therefore has the same meridian flip requirements as any other German Equatorial mount - one of the great advantages of the M-Uno is the ability to track all the way from East to West through the meridian without having to flip.

On the other hand the Linear proved itself to be easier to balance on all regions of the sky and gave even better autoguiding performance.

The Track log below is the best tracking I have ever achieved from any mount. In this graph each vertical increment represents 2 arc seconds.

RA tracking RMS error is below 0.1 arc seconds on this 600 second image.